The Fight

"Give it to us" A death eater said pulling his wand out.

"Give you what?" Harry said somewhat bravely.

"The golden eye" The death eater replied.

"1,) I do not have it, 2,) I would not give it to you anyway" Harry said.

Ron,Luna and Harry pulled there wands out

"Corandia" The death eater shouted shouting purple sparks at Lavender and she screamed and fainted.

"Arrandia" Hermione shouted and hit a death eater who fell to the floor.

Neville got his wand out.

"Zomaina" A death eater called and shout Neville in the chest and he passed out.

"STOP!" shouted Harry "This is wrong"

"Then give us the Golden eye and No one will die" The Dark Shadow whispered.

"Harry does not have the Golden eye!" Ron shouted.

"Why do you want it anyway?" Luna asked.

"Why would you need to know?" The Dark Shadow whispered.

"Because if we don't know we cannot help you" Luna said.

"We wouldn't help you anyway" Ron muttered under his breath.

"Relendrance" Lacender shouted awakening knocking a death eater out.

"How dare you!" The Dark Shadow whispered icily "Corainda"

Lavender passed out once more.

"No more harm will be done if you hand over the Golden Eye" The Dark Shadow whispered.

Suddenly The Golden eye appered in Harrys pocket with a clink.

"I knew you had it!" The Dark Shadow said

"Run!" Ron shouted

"The doors are locked" cried Hermione.

"Crenfio" and the black shadow engulfed Hermione and then she was gone.

"HERMIONE!!!" Ron called

"Its 2 against 4 Potter" The dark shadow wispered.

"NEVER" shouted harry

"We don't even know what the Golden eye is do why are we protecting it?" Ron whispered to Harry.

"Because If the death eaters who work for who-must-not-be-named and The Dark Shadow want it, it has to be bad" Harry said

"Slience" Whispered The Dark Shadow.

"You must now learn the hard way!"

"No!!!!" Harry called they don't need to die "duel with me only me!"

"Fine, reperip" The dark Shadow shout a spell at Harry.

Harry fell to the floor and the Golden Eye rolled out if his pocket. The Dark Shadow picked it up and laughed.

"That was easier then I thought now I am the most powerful in the world..."

The End

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