Harry Potter

This is my version of the part where J.K Rowling left (Nineteen years later) so using my imagination i am going to make up what happens!

The next day Harry woke up to find Neville Longbottom standing watching him.

"Yes?" Harry asked

"Well I was just thinking" started Neville but just at that moment Ron came in shouting

"He's probably still sleeping but I’ll try to wake him for you," Then Ron turned around and saw Harry and Neville staring at him

"Who will still be sleeping?" Harry and Neville asked together.

"Oh! Er... well..." stammered Ron.

"I suppose you were going to wake one of us up were you?" Neville asked.

"Well Yeh I was actually coming up anyway but I was intercepted by a whole load of first years who wanted you Neville and Ginny wants you for some reason Harry!"

"O.k. I’ll just go on down" said Neville excitedly.

"Well, are  you getting up or not?" asked Ron "because I am definitely not going down there alone to be bombarded again you know."

" Yeh I suppose so. I'll meet you down there in a few." replied Harry.

"Where you listening to me at all? I said  'I am not going back down there on my own'" replied Ron.

" O.k. then wait a minute." but Harry's mind was not on meeting Ginny or going downstairs. it was on all the deaths last night because of him, Harry. Then in an instant Harry remembered Fred.

"Ron, I'm sorry..." started Harry, not really knowing what he was going to say.

"Never mind just get dressed" said Ron. So Harry got dressed and went to the common room where Ginny was waiting for him.

The End

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