Harry! Oh Harry!

Hermione confesses to Harry...............

Harry was sitting on the armchair by the fire, finishing Snape's essay. ron had gone to bed already. Hermione was no where to be seen, so he thought that she might have gone to bed, too. 

He was just thinking about going to bed too, when Hermione burst in through the door. Her hair flying and her face radiant, she threw her arms around Harry and said," Harry, oh Harry I've done it!"."Done what?", he asked, utterly perplexed. Her arms still around Harry, and her face on his shoulders, she said in a muffled voice," Vikrniksd"."What?'', he said, still very confused. Hermione let go of him, but took his hand and made him sit down beside her on the sofa. Then, taking a big, calming breath she said, beginning slowly but increasing her speed rapidly," Viktor............. and-I-kissed. ". Harry grinned and looked at her . Those hazel brown eyes were shining with pleasure and  the pink lips were smiling slightly." That's ......that's great, Congratlations!". They stared at each other for a long time, and then Hermione said softly," Harry, just.................just , don't tell Ron." " I won't", he assured her. Then he took her hands into his, and said," I'm really Happy for you, you know that don't you?". "Yes", she said, "I know".Harry and Hermione got up from the sofa together, bade each other goodbye quietly, and left for their dormitories.





The End

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