Authors note: So sorry for not writing sooner exams have been taking over me!!! Here is the last chapter of Kiss,marry,Pregnant. Enjoy :-D


Month 9

Ginny was ready to pop any min now. Her due date is the 22nd of June and its the 20th now. Harry being a over protected husband was scared for Ginny and really worried so anything he could do for Ginny he would do it.

Harry had been up for hours waiting until Ginny is awake so he could help her because being now 9 months pregnant Ginny struggled to get out if bed alone sometimes. Ginny slowly stired and woke up.

"Morning" Harry said.

Ginny gasped.

"What's wrong honey?" Harry asked now becoming worried.

"I-I can't feel my legs" Ginny said looking scared.

"Then I will help" Harry said. He kissed her and then helped her up.

"I think I am fine, I can stand now" Ginny said

The doorbell went off.

"Will be back now" Harry said to Ginny and ran downstairs to open the door.

Ginny gasped as sticky stuff ran down her legs.

she gasped and screamed in pain.

Harry ran up stairs just in time to catch her from falling.

"What's wrong" Harry said.

"My water broke I think I am going into labour!" Ginny cried.

Harry snapped into action, he lifted Ginny up onto the bed and took off her panties and kissed her until she calms down. Ginny screams again as her contractions were getting worse, then finally Ginny was ready to push.

"Help me harry I cannot do this!" Ginny cried.

"Yes you can Gin" Harry replied.

Just then Ginny gave birth to, two children Lily, and James.

"There beautiful!" Ginny said panting but smiling.

"Just like you then" Harry said Grinning.

"Love you!"

"Love you too..."

The End

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