Close but not there

Authors note: Sorry for not writing earlier. M for mature on the next chapter, some scenes might not be suitable for all, if you don't like s.e.x and stuff well U can guess what will happen as it says 'Pregnant' in the title. Thanks x x x


Ginny was now eight months pregnant and Harry was getting really worried about Ginny and would do anything to help her.

Harry unlocked the front door.

"Ginny I am home" Harry called

He could here someone groaning in the living room. Harry saw Ginny on the sofa looking scared he went over to her and sat by her.

"What's wrong?" Harry said

"Hungry?" Ginny replied

"Babys hungry and will kick me if I do not feed it!" Ginny cried.

"Shall I go and get food from the fridge for you" Harry offered

"You can't" Ginny said shaking.

"Why? You said you need food" Harry said confused.

""I-I do need food, I-Its just I have eaten it all, please don't be angry Harry!" Ginny said and burst into a fresh set of tears.

"I am not angry" Harry said smiling slightly as he kissed Ginny to calm her down.

Ginny winced as water ran down her legs, she gave a little scream.

"What's wrong?" Harry said.

"Baby wants food and will make me leak until I give food to it!" Ginny cried.

Harry started to panic.

Harry went to the nearist muggle store. Five minutes went and came and Harry came back.

Ginny was now screaming and as Harry kissed her she leaked all over the floor and on Harry.

"I am sorry" Ginny said looking ashamed.

"Its ok" Harry said grinning and he handed the bag of food to Ginny.

"Thanks Harry" Ginny said

As Ginny sat down and started to eat the food Harry grabed a towel and cleared up all the mess on the floor.

"Better beautiful?" Harry said sitting down next to Ginny.

"Better" Ginny replied

"love you!" Harry said

"love you to!" Ginny said and kissed Harry.

Authors note: Only one more chapter to go and once again M for mature on the next chapter

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The End

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