Mood swings

Harry whipped around and saw Ginny passed out on the floor. He ram to her and started crying.

'please be ok' Harry thought to himself.

"Ginny I am sorry" Harry said

Ginny did not stir.

"Ginny! Please be ok" Harry said sobbing.

Ginny gasped and opened her eyes.

"Ginny!" Harry said hugging Ginny tight.

"Watch the baby!" Ginny panted.

"Sorry" Harry said starting to rub Ginnys tummy.

"Do you really hate me?" Ginny said her eyes watering.

"No! I only said that because I was angry" Harry said.

"I need to rest" Ginny said.

"ok gin" Harry said standing up

"ouch" Ginny muttered when she tried to stand up.

Harry noticed this and picked Ginny up. She giggled as Harry carried her into their room.


Ginny was now five months pregnant and the baby was growing big. Ginny mood swings were strong at times and sometimes hurt Harrys feelings. But Harry new these were only mood swings and Ginny loved him really.

"My clothes don't fit" Ginny cried.

Harry walked into the room.

"What wrong?" Harry asked sitting by her.

" I am fat my clothes don't fit!" Ginny cried.

"You are only growing beautiful with my baby" Harry.

"thanks harry" Ginny said.

"I will always be there for you!" Harry said and kissed Ginny.


Authors note: M for mature on the next chapter some scenes may not be suitable for some. Reviews are nice :-)

The End

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