"So your pregnant?" Harry asked Ginny

"Yes" Ginny replied.

"That's amazing!" Harry said smiling and hugged Ginny.

"So your not mad?" Ginny replied.

"Mad? No! I wanted a child for ages!" Harry said.

Ginny smiled and kissed Harry.


It was 01:00am and Ginny woke Harry up.

"Ginny what? What is the matter?" Harry said in a angry tone.

Ginny burst into tears.

"Ginny I'm sorry" Harry said waking up rubbing Ginny on the back until she stops crying.

Ginnys cries turned into sobs.

"Ginny what's wrong tell me!" Harry said.

"I-I urr, never mind" Ginny said swallowing her sobs.

"I will always be there for you Gin whenever you need me" Harry declared.

"Thanks" Ginny said and fell asleep in Harrys arms.


"I have booked this week off work" Harry told Ginny.

Ginny smiled.

"So now I can be with you!" Harry said.

"Mum said I have to buy maternity clothes" Ginny said.

"Ok where do we start" Harry said.


Ginny was now two months pregnant but because she had always been skinny the baby already started to show. Today Ginny was sitting on the sofa and Harry was massaging her tummy. Belinda the tawny owl flew in and dropped a newspaper on Ginnys lap, it read:

 . .  . . . . .   Harry potter and Ginny Potter  . . .  

Harry potter has done it all. From marrying Ginny to having children with her-


Ginny started crying.

"Hey, Gin its ok!" Harry said hugging Ginny.

"Its unfair why does everyone have to know I am pregnant?" Ginny cried.

"I understand" Harry said.

"NO YOU DON'T!!" Ginny snapped.

"YES I DO I GET IT ALL THE TIME!" Harry shouted his anger rising.

"I am sorry- Ginny started

" I DON'T CARE I HATE YOU!!!!" Harry said walking towards the door , he heard a gasp behind him.

Ginny fainted.


Authors note: Sorry I have not written for a while there are about 5 chapters to this story and I will publish them whenever I get a chance.

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The End

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