The illness

Ginny is pregnant with Harrys baby.
But life is not always sweet. With war and love how will the two lovebirds deal with it all? With a nine-month rollercoaster how will Ginny and Harry get on?

It was 02:00am in the morning and harry woke up to the sound of someone being sick. Harry ran to the bathroom to see Ginny throwing up in the toliet. He rushed over to her and held her hair back.

"Are you ok?" Harry said rubbing Ginny on the back.

"I think so" Ginny replied.

Ginny looked up for a minute and passed out, harry caught her. He looked worried at the now passed out Ginny in his lap. Harry picked Ginny up and carried her into the living room and lay her on the sofa. Harry gently kissed Ginny until she was awake.

"Do you feel any better?" Harry asked Ginny

"Yes a bit" Ginny replied kissing harry on the cheek.


Ginny had been having this morning sickness for a while now, she hoped she would not get ot today because Hermione was coming over this morning to visit. Ginny got dressed at went down for breakfast, waiting for Hermione to come over. Luckily Ginny did not get morning sickness today so she felt happier. Harry had already gone out to work and would be back about 6:00pm. Hermione knocked on the door and Ginny ran to answer it.

"Hello, Gin" Hermione said walking through the door.

"Hi Hermione" Ginny replied sitting down on the sofa.

"So how are you and Harry?' Hermione asked.

"Good how are you and Ron?" Ginny replied.

"Good Ron-

Ginny stood up and ran to the bathroom Hermione could hear Ginny throwing up in the toliet. Hermione rushed to Ginny and held her hair back.

'My morning sickness is back again' Ginny thought.

"Are you ok?" Hermione asked.

"I think so" Ginny replied but as she said that she was sick again.

"Ginny how long have you had this for?" Hermione asked.

"A month" Ginny replied catching her breath.

"Ginny you don't think you are pregnant do you?" Hermione asked.

"What? No!" Ginny replied.

"Will be back in a minute going to get a muggle pregnancy test" Hermione said standing up.

"I am not pregnant" Ginny cried after her but she was gone.


Hermione gave Ginny a muggle pregnancy test and left. Ginny was in the bathroom using the pregnancy test.

'I am not pregnant, I am not pregnant' Ginny thought to herself.

Ginny waited a minute and looked down at the pregnancy test.

It read: Positive.

Ginny was pregnant!!!;;













The End

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