Boy of 16 growing up

The letter box on the door banged open, then shut as the mailman gave the letters for that day. "MUM!" Harry shouted from the kitchen, "POST!" There was no reply. Harry came out of the kitchen mumbling to himself angrily about always doing everything. He bent down picking up the letters, he looked at himself in the mirror, on the wall. "I so need a hair cut," he said while trying to flatten his hair.

Harry was a well built boy of 16. Getting near to the end of his academic school year, he had started to slightly go into the wrong crowd, and had been veering off the track of education in the past year. Constantly getting into fights had given his mother, who he just lives with now since his dad walked out on them, a breakdown. Most days he stays at home caring for her and studying the best he can for his exams coming up.

There didn't seem anything interesting in the post that day, apart from bill, after bill, after bill until he got to the middle of the pack of letters. A neat little letter with Harry's name printed on it, and address. Harry just stared at it for a while curious on why anybody would want to send him a letter, then it cam to him. "Its from school" He thought "thats where its from."

As he went into the kitchen and put the rest of the letters down. Going over to the cabnet he reached inside the draw and got out a knife. Slicing open the letter he looked in to see a note inside. All of a sudden there were sounds of someone coming to the landing, then the floorboards creaked as they came downstairs. Harry rushed to his school bag on the table and stuffed the letter inside and his lunch box, before rushing out of the back door. He didn't want to be there when his mother saw the big pile of bills on the table.

When he got to school which wasn't far away, he heard the bell go for registration. While walking down the corridor to get to his classroom he heard footsteps behind him, the steady steps of a flat footed boy or man by the sounds of it, he thought. Quickly glancing behind him he saw his worst enemy, Mike or as his friends call him, Meat. Him and his trio of tag alongs all followed Harry staring at him with anger in their eyes.

The day before Harry had accidently punched Mike's younger brother in the far, all the rest of that day Mike had been pursuing him, getting ready to beat his brains out. Harry was lucky yesterday but today he had conscentrated so much on the mystery letter that he hadn't been careful about where he was going.

Just a few doors in front of him he could see his classroom door. The steps behind him started to quicken into a run. Harry pelted as fast as he could to the door. Smashing open the door her tripped over the door stopper and crashed into the teacher. "Mr Adams, what do you think you are doing!" Bellowed his form teacher, My Miles. He bent down grabbed Harry by the scruff of his neck and hauled him out of the classroom.

Harry could easily guess where he was going from the signs on the doors. He was heading for the principles office, The principle was a very strict lady who was never surprised with anything new, but this was nothing Harry couldn't handle.

When the bell went for break a few hours later. Harry came out of the isolation room, and onto the playground which was covered in light, from the warm summer sun. As he strold across the playground to the bench under the tree, he thought about the letter in this bag, it was all he could think about when he was in isolation. At the bench he sat down opened his bag and rumaged round inside it. His hand closed round a small piece of paper, bringing it out he looked across the playground checking that no one was watching him, expecially Meat. He opened the letter and started reading it, all the while he hadn't noticed that somebody had walked up behind him. "What you got there?" The person said, as Harry jumped.

The End

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