Uncle Eoin hadn't returned home because he happened to be in a tropical utopia surrounded by dark exotic forests, incredible water features and in the company of what he considered to be one of the most attractive females he had encountered in his life. 

"What is your name?" Eoin spoke, having not yet succeeded in making the mute blonde vocalize even the smallest of hellos, he tried a slower approach.


Tiilii smiled a big teeth filled grin. She waved gaily at him and bounced away towards some bushes flush with fruit.

Eoin was sort of glad she had clothed herself again, he had felt partially uncomfortable with her ease of nudity. He had begun to assume she wasn't really the kind of girl that associated with normal society. She seemed relatively pleased with his presence, and kept bringing him small portions of fruit. He had to worry that perhaps she was just feeding him up so that the rest of her tribe could come eat him later or something. She didn't look like part of a tribe though, she wore normal-ish clothes. 

Tiilii bounced back with another plate full of sumptuous looking fruit. She passed it to him with an even bigger grin. She flopped into a strange sitting position immediately in front of him and stared at him. 

"Erm... I sort of get the idea that you don't really like to talk, so maybe you'll communicate with me in another way?" Eoin attempted to negotiate this odd topic with someone that had no conversational skills. He was apparently unsuccessful. 

Eoin had just about had enough to eat and he felt he was beginning to feel a little bit better after his little surprise trip over the waterfall. Not exactly the first place he expected to find himself after throwing himself from a tall building with some strange non-human creature making threats. 

Tiilii seemed to be happy enough, she was like a small puppy. She rolled around the ground in the grass quite joyfully taking in the nature around her. 

"The kids..." Eoin thought out loud. The blonde animalistic Tiilii glanced up at him and the weird sounds he had made with his mouth. She pouted softly and smiled. "I have to go... erm, wild girl..." He felt silly not being able to call her anything. He felt awkward, as he pointed towards the forest as an indicator that he was leaving. Then realized that he wasn't actually sure which direction he wanted to head in. 

Tiilii continued to look up at him completely oblivious of what he was actually talking about. She thought of food and the sun on her face, these ideas were much more normal to her. 

"Is there no way you can tell me which way to go?" He tried again, she seemed to ignore him as she chewed on her toenails, trimming them. "Ok, that's a bit disgusting..." Eoin sighed and walked over to the cliff that the waterfall fell down, he started looking for passage up.

Then he heard it.... the hollow thrum of an off tune string instrument... he recognized it immediately, but he couldn't think of where it might have come from. He turned to Tiilii, to see if she could hear it too. 

Tiilii looked up and around, carefully studying the forest line, it would appear she had heard a sound that wasn't common to her also. 

"What was that...?" Eoin muttered beneath his breath... the plunge pool to his left flickered slightly, the waterfall seemed to slow, to a strange halt, as the pool of water at it's base moved slowly. Ripples crept out from epicenters strange notes resonating through the air, the sky crept in a black treacle, turgid substance thumbing the bright blue air of space.

"Oh dear, what now?"

The End

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