When Water Falls

Her hair was a crazy mesh of peroxide, her eyes wide and luminous green, her skin was pale, almost white, and something about her was almost angelic. Her face was quite round, she had large cheeks that appeared to light up when she smiled, wide lips and a full set of gleaming white teeth. Her head was almost heart shaped, wider at the top and curving into a cute chin. 

Tiilii was a mute. At age 19 she had been viciously attacked, leaving horrific scarring around her neck and rendering her with the inability to speak. To cloak her shame she often wore a leaf green silk scarf, big and loosely wrapped around her neck, sitting carefully on her shoulders and falling down her chest and back. 

Considering the slim and physique build of her body, most of Tiilii's clothes consisted of ripped, baggy denim trousers, and slimmer tops. 

Tiilii sat quite comfortably perched on a rock besides the plunge pool of a tropically beautiful water fall. She played with flowers and made daisy chains. It seemed as though she had not a care in the world. Considering the hardships she had faced, Tiilii seemed confident and positive, with little regard for responsibility. She looked after herself, she fed herself, she had little responsibility to give regard to. Being as she had met all of three people in her life time she didn't consider the loss of her voice much of an inconvenience, though it did prevent her from singing, a past time which she had so reveled in. 

As Tiilii placed a flower in her hair, she yawned and slumped back, resting her head on a mossy rock behind her. As she looked up the tumbling water she could have sworn she heard someone scream. Eyes remaining wide, she pursed her lips, inquisitively. She raised her head slightly, and squinted at the top of the waterfall, where the sun pestered the water slightly. 

Just as she began to think it had been her imagination something toppled over the top of the falls, descending with the water until finally plunging hard at the base of the waterfall. 

Tiilii was shocked. She could have sworn that what she had seen had been human. Her previous encounter with humans had been unpleasant and scarring, this rendered her unsure of how to handle the situation. She didn't want anyone to die by drowning, but simultaneously she didn't want to be treated badly again if she did decide to help. 

Swallowing her fear with a large over animated gulp, Tiilii removed parts of her clothing in attempts to create an easier swim when pulling the body from the water. 

As she lowered herself in, she gritted her teeth in a large facial expression, the water was cold to the touch, she was hesitant in dropping herself in fully. 

Once she had immersed herself in water, it occurred to her that the time it took her to actually get in, the person could possibly have died by this point. She quickly dove under, pushing the water behind her, and collecting the body that had plunged previously. 

She pulled the heavy biped from the water and shook her hair out, which was now straight and a lot less messy. She looked down at the character she had pulled out. It was male, she decided. She kicked him softly, nudging him with her toe.

She sat by him waiting for him to come around, and more importantly for herself to dry out so she could put her clothes back on. The only reason she had ever decided to wear them is because of pictures she had seen and the fact that it could get decidedly nippy at night time.

As the man came around, he rubbed his eyes and blinked a lot. When he came to look at the girl in front of him, sat almost naked he blinked a lot again. As far as he could tell, she was only wearing panties. It wasn't an overly bad look for her, he thought, slyly, though not quite what he was expecting to see having just fallen from the heights of a tall building in the center of London.

"Erm... Hi, there... I'm Eoin... and I have every right to believe that I might be dead..."

The End

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