A Confusion

“Oh, hi, Harmony!” Simon smiled as Melody walked by him “I was wondering if we could quickly go through the roof scene.  I know you’re really shy but it would be good practice to get the passion just right.”

Melody blinked at him, looked him up and down then plastered a shy smile on her face, nodding.

“Sounds fine,” she whispered, mimicking her sister’s voice “Shall I come by your room later?”

“Actually, I was wondering if we could do it now, while they deal with the ballet sequence onstage,” Simon said with an awkward smile.

Melody hesitated, tilting her head to the side thoughtfully like Harmony would then nodded.

“If you insist,” she said and followed Simon to his dressing room.

Meanwhile, Harmony was trying to hit the right notes for the big number, the Phantom of the Opera.  Her voice cracked and she coughed and hacked, throwing aside her music in frustration.  She glared at the scattered papers in distain and folded her arms moodily, sitting down on her sofa grumpily.

“Harmony?” a knock on the door sounded.

Harmony looked up as Marcus walked in and smiled.

“Is everything alright?” he asked.

Harmony shook her head furiously and pointed to the music scattered on her floor.  Marcus bent down and gathered the music up, looking at her with a sympathetic gleam in his eyes.

“Is it that hard?” he asked.

“Ahh, ah, ah, ahhh, ahhh-ack!”

Harmony coughed fiercely.  Marcus was at her side, patting her back soothingly.

“You’re trying too hard,” he said “Come on, stand up.”

He took Harmony by her hands and helped her up to her feet.

“Breathe in…and out…” he said and Harmony took a deep breath in and out “Now breathe in again, remember to use your diaphragm.”

Harmony gave him an annoyed glare.

“And sing!”

“Ahhhhh!” Harmony hit the right note for the first time that day and managed to finish it without coughing and hacking.

“Beautiful,” Marcus smiled at the blushing actress before leaving her alone.

The End

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