When Harmony Got Home

Harmony came home that evening, tired and weepy.

“Oh, look who’s back,” Melody chuckled as she turned from her place in the kitchen.

Harmony gave her a stern look.  Her older twin sister was a nuisance.  Although a brilliant singer, she was so loud.  Melody passed her a bowl of onion soup which she drank timidly.

“How was rehearsal?” Melody asked as she sat down opposite Harmony on the kitchen bar.

Harmony gave her a thumbs up and kept drinking the soup.  Melody circled the wood with her index finger thoughtfully with a glum look.

“I didn’t get the part,” she said eventually and Harmony looked up at her, surprised.

“Why?” she whispered and Melody just shrugged.

“They said I was too tall,” she said and Harmony giggled “My agent was sure I’d get the part!  I guess it explains why the others were shorter than me.”

“What was the part for?” Harmony whispered.

“I was aiming to be Fiona in Shrek,” Melody sighed “I’m perfect for the role!  Ugh, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get any work this year.”

Harmony hummed and stirred her soup thoughtfully.

“Would you like to be my understudy?” she whispered and Melody perked up.

“Would that be possible?” she asked.

“Sure, it would be like the time I understudied for your part as Miss Honey in Matilda,” Harmony nodded whilst whispering.

“Perfect!” Melody gasped and grabbed Harmony’s hands “What are the other actors like though?”

“Marcus…” Harmony blushed lightly “He’s a very dedicated singer.  Very friendly too.”

“Uh-huh, is he Raoul?” Melody tilted her head to the side.

“Erik,” Harmony replied and when Melody frowned she rolled her eyes “The Phantom.”

“Oh, I see,” Melody nodded as she took in the information.

“Simon is a strong singer too but I don’t see him much,” Harmony shrugged “He’s Raoul.”

“And what’s Meg like?”

“Anna is very mischievous.  She dropped ice down my back once.”

The twins giggled amongst themselves as they discussed how they would get Harmony’s boss to accept Melody as an understudy.

The End

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