Chapter Five: You Asked For It.

Sitting bolt upright Max awoke gasping, which turned into groaning when her head swam. Oh God she felt like shit.


She was proud to say she didn't scream in fright at the deep husky voice, but her heart rate did crank up a notch. She slowly faced Damien, ignoring the way a shiver ran up her spine when she saw his blue eyes watching her intently.

"Yes?" she asked.

His eyes scanned her face searching for something. Eventually he gave a dismissive snort pushing another bag of fast food through the cage slot. She eyed the bag wishing it was something homemade, but at least he fed her without drugging her. Max made a move for the bag, her head bulging again. What the hell had happened? And when did she move near the bars? Last thing she remembered she was falling asleep under the cot.

"Eat" her guard order, making her glare, "You need food."

He sat in the exact same spot as last time, except instead of a magazine he had a thick book. He seemed determined to ignore her. She gave an annoyed huff, what was with this guy? One minute he's all nice and chatty, the next he's moody as hell.

"My head hurts" Max declared snatching the bag of food. He looked up and she swore she saw guilt flash across his face.

"It hurts?" he asked.

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes she nodded, hoping the big idiot would leave so she could figure out a way to escape. He looked thoughtful for a few minutes, then he leant over snatching her bag up. He riffled through the contents until he found what he was looking for. Damien chucked something at her and she caught it instinctively realising he had given her pain killers. Damn it. Why did he have to remember they were in her bag? She took a couple of pills angrily washing them down with the soda he had pushed towards her.

She pulled a burger out the food bag glancing around the room again trying to think of what she could use to get out. Oh God, did she need to get out. Her whole body itched, but that could actually be because she smelt like a men's locker room. She was in desperate need of a shower. Her head snapped up, heart galloping. A shower. That's brilliant!

Finishing off her food quickly Max tried to make herself appear timid, a major challenge considering she had been told she a had a resting bitch face. Her mentor at the hospital had to keep swapping her patients because apparently they were afraid of her. So she just hoped she could pull off looking sweet and innocent. Just this once since her life depended on it.

"Hey," bright blue eyes slowly rose to lock onto her and she felt her stomach drop "I need a shower."

He frowned making his rugged features appear even more intimidating. Keeping his eyes on her, he breathed deep before closing his book and reaching up to press a button on a black panel above his left shoulder. Max hadn't noticed it before, unless you knew it was there the switch could easily be missed against the black stones. There was a continuous buzz, then a male voice crackled over the speaker.

"Yes?" max recognised the voice as one of the men that has come down when she first woke up. He was the one with light brown hair and dressed like a college professor, in a long sleeved button down top and jeans with thin wire framed glasses hooked onto his breast pocket. He had seemed nice when she saw him, looked like a really friendly guy. Too bad looks are deceiving.

"Send Kira" Damien's gruff voice cut through her thoughts. He still hadn't taken his eyes off Max and she felt herself bristle, she refused to look away.

"Ok" the man's voice disappeared with a click and Damien lowered his arm. So it was a staring contest she thought. Well buddy, today isn't your lucky day because I am the champion she cackled inwardly narrowing her eyes.

"Oh, wow. She's so stunning."

Max blinked at the sudden bubbly and light female voice, which shocked her out of the staring contest with her bug dumb guard. The owner of the voice was a pretty little thing, no higher than 5'4 - Max would easily dwarf her. She was petite wearing bright purple skinny jeans and a flowy white top, with long brown hair loose around warm and friendly face. 'Now why couldn't I look like that?' Max thought. It would have made rounds so much easier. Kira – Max assumed – smiled turning to Damien.

"Why didn't you tell me she was beautiful?"

Max could feel a blush creep onto her face, no one had ever called beautiful, hell not even pretty. Well, except for her grandparents, but that was years ago. Damien gruffed, but she saw a tiny smirk on that blasted face of his that had Max wanting to punch it.

"How can I help?" Kira asked sweetly.

"She stinks."

Max felt like she should be outraged, but it seemed Kira was doing that enough for her.

"Damien," Kira gasped, "That was rude, you apologise right now!"

He clenched his jaw, "I mean, she needs a shower."

"Whose fault is that? Yours! She should have been able to bathe the moment she got here." Kira turned to Max fuming, "Men" she rolled her eyes, throwing her arms in the air. Max fought a smile trying not to warm up to Kira, but by the hell it was hard.

"Look, can you help?" Damien growled.

Kira scoffed, "Of course."

Max felt her heart skip a beat, yes, she was going to get her chance to escape. Calmly and slowly she stood up standing in front of the cell door. Kira walked towards the cell too and Max wondered when she should make her move. Probably best to wait until they got out of the basement. Kira was right at the door; Max held her breath which whooshed out into a "Huh?" she walked right past and pressed a section of the rock on the far left wall. A section of the wall slid open revealing a utility closet. Max should've known it would be harder than that.

"Damien, can you go get a towel, soap, some of your boxers and a t-shirt?" Kira asked stepping out of the wall pulling with her sort of an IV drip pole, except taller, with a shower head attached to the top and a hose ran off if travelling back into the secret room.


Kira pushed the pole into place making sure the shower head poked through the gap. "She can't fit my clothes and I'm not letting her sit here naked."

He gave a grumble standing up and disappeared up the stairs. Kira dug into her pockets, "Don't worry about the water, it will go down the drain."

Max hadn't been but now she was a bit relieved that the drain in the middle of her cell had another purpose other than to drain away blood. Kira pulled something out of her pocket resting it on the bars that ran sideways. She started gathering he hair up and Max realised what they were – hair pins. Sweet Jesus, just what she needed. Max watched Kira twist her hair applying pin after pin. She prayed Kira didn't use them all, she needed at least two. Damien reappeared making Max curse inwardly. Damn.

"Ok Max, get undressed," Kira went to closet and a few seconds later water started running surprising Max that it was warm. Kira came back frowning when she saw Max was still clothed, then she turned those warm eyes to Damien and sighed.

"Geez Damien, turn around" she ordered.

Damien crossed his arms, but did as he was told. Max didn't like him being down here, but she couldn't resist a shower. She started undressing passing her clothes to Kira when she gestured to them.

"Oh my God! I love your bra," Kira gushed, "and matching undies. You have to tell me where you got them."

Max saw Damien tense and she couldn't help but chuckle, the poor guy probably didn't know what to do, but she was glad he didn't turn around.

"Now if you want I can wash your underwear" Kira said, "I won't be a creep and watch you shower. I'll watch him instead." She gave a smile pushing the towel through the bars to hang there ready for Max. "Just throw them onto the seat there and let me know when you're done." Max waited until Kira stood with Damien chatting away before she started to unhook her bra. Then she saw it. Sitting on the bars were three hair pins. She almost fainted with relief, but first she need to get them. Keeping an eye on the guards she quickly snatched them up, tip toed to her cot, stashed them under her pillow, then stripped off her remaining clothes. She threw her clothes through the bars feeling better than she had in days. She was finally going to get out of here. She stepped under the water sighing when the water hit her skin. This felt better than sex, she thought while rinsing her hair.

"Can I have the soap?" she asked not caring if Kira saw her naked, not when the water felt this good. Kira picked up the bottle from the ground turning to pass it through the bars, her eyes widened.

"Your boobs are huge!" she blurted out, looking shocked and making Damien tense again. Kira definitely came whatever came her mind Max thought laughing.

"I'm sorry," Kira blushed "I have like no boobs and I want big ones like you." Damien groaned making Kira pout, "What? I'm allowed to want bigger boobs. Even though Matt like them I bet her wouldn't mind bigger ones. Look I'm a small B, but I would like a C or maybe Max's size. Are a D Max? You look like a D."

When Damien growled rubbing his face, it just made Max laugh harder.

The End

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