Chapter Four: Bad Dream

She felt so safe and warm.  Something soft touch her face and she felt herself leaning into it giving off a soft growl.  She sighed wondering where the hell that delicious sent came from.   It was musky and completely masculine, all she wanted to do was find that scent and roll around in it.

Suddenly the scent was gone and Max felt herself surrounded by a thin fog, it distorted everything around her turning it into a hazy mess.  She took a deep breath trying to stump down the growing panic that was bubbling up inside of her.  Through the mist she saw a pin point of light ahead, eventually more popped up in the darkness beating back the fog that had threatened to consume her.  The light turned out to be candles and they shone on the environment showing a deep cave that had no exit.   She could smell the damp earth mixed with burning wax and feel the stones digging painfully into her feet.  This all felt so real, just like the other dreams she had recently, and she dreaded the coming events. 

She ran to the rock walls trying to find a way out.   She searched scrambling along the wall swearing when all she found was nothing but closed walls.  She noticed a change in the atmosphere.  It suddenly got warmer and colder at the same time, like the first winter storm on a hot summers day and the smell of sage surrounded her, trying to choke the air from her body.  Max slowly turned, a small sob erupting when she saw the creature that had been haunting her dreams.  He had the body of a man, a thin lean body that looked in desperate need of food, but his head were that of a wolf.  A wolf with miss-matched eyes, one eye a sickly yellow and one white.

His jaw open and she saw his red tongue slide over his chops licking at the blood dotted there.  She sucked in a breath trying to meld into the very wall that was keeping her there.  The monster took a step forward and she darted to the left hoping that she could get away, but she felt his hands close on her and she was spun around forced up against his body and the impossible face.

He growled his jaw clumsily forming the words "You are mine" followed by the red tongue dragging against her cheek. 

It felt like his saliva was acid and she almost cried at the burning  it left behind, then he was nuzzling her neck making a cooing sound in his chest.  Max felt something soothe the growing panic, easing it away to replace it with burning anger.  She wasn't his, he didn't own her and he would never have her.  She opened her mouth biting down on his exposed neck, biting until she tasted the blood in her mouth and his fur threated to make her gag.  The monster screamed wrenching her away from him causing some flesh to be torn in the process.  They stared at each other, his neck bleeding freely and she watched the trail of blood flow down his chest.  She spat sending the flesh in her mouth to the dirt at her feet, then wiped her mouth.

The monster roared and she jumped at the sound feeling the electricity in the air crack and sizzle.

"You will obey!" he bellowed rushing at her, "You are mine!"

Then his jaws were on her throat and she couldn't breathe.  She tried to push him away, trying to scratch at his eyes to get him off. But he wouldn't give, he wouldn't stop...not until she gave up.

And she knew she would never give up.

The End

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