Chapter Three: The Death Of Him.

The footsteps faded, then a car engine started and Max knew he was truly gone.  She had to work quickly before he got back.  Going to the bars Max tried to shake them to test their strength.  She failed.   No, she never fails, she just got the result she didn't want.  Which is failing.  Oh God, what is up with her brain!?  She felt like two different people.   Alright she couldn't move the bars, but what about the lock? A small part of her hoped the idiot had maybe forgotten to lock it, and when she saw that he in fact had locked it and that she needed a key, she growled in frustration.

Whoever these people were they took good care of their cells she thought trying in a last ditch effort to pry the bars off the window.  Unlike the other guy, he had just chucked her into a room that was damp dark and very easy to get out of.  Hence why after her first escape he chained her up.  But these guys seemed like experts.  How many people have these psychos locked up?  Must be quite a few if they have a cage in their basement.  God she needed to get out of here, and she knew she couldn't rely on anyone to get her out.  She would have to do it herself, but how?  Huffing she paced the room trying to figure out a way to get out, and the more she paced the more annoyed she got.  So annoyed in fact she didn't stop pacing when someone came down the stairs.  Couldn't even be bothered putting up an innocent 'help me' act either.   The new comer stopped and watched.  She didn't like this one, he seemed annoying to her and something about him made her want to wrap her hands around his throat and squeeze until she heard a snap.  Max reared to a stop breathing heavily, shocked at her last train of thoughts.  She would never deny that she has never had any of those thoughts, but for the first time she had the roaring emotions completely consuming her to act upon them, and that's what she was afraid of. 

"Now that you've stopped pacing" the voice chuckled "Could I have a word?" She faced him, looking him over from messy brown hair and equally brown eyes, to the arrogant smirk on his face.  She really wanted to punch that face.  He stepped up to the bars looking her up and down.  She stepped closer hoping he wouldn't move away, but the look of him told her he wouldn't.   He wasn't the type to back down unless he was beaten down.

"Do you just want one word?" she asked low, catching his gaze and holding it "I don't think you will get much from one word."

He shrugged still keeping their gaze "It was just a phrase."

"Just a phrase" she repeated with a lazy shrug.  Something deep inside stirred, she felt it moving around like a warm embrace and it urged her to continue, to fight back.  Suddenly he growled and Max raised her eyebrow in response.  She was taken aback by that, a man sounding like an animal, but by hell she wasn't going to show him that she was weak and backing down.  He growled a little longer probably waiting for her to look away.  Instead she raised her chin and smirked right back until eventually he looked down, and that was his mistake.

Max reached through the bars yanking him into it, the sound of his forehead hitting the metal was music to her ears, and just to make sure he was unconscious she did it again, letting his body slump to the ground.

"Prick" she mumbled crouching down.  He might have been a prick but he was a smart prick....or just lucky she added to her thoughts when a quick search of his pockets revealed nothing but car keys.  They were useless to her but she had a feeling she could use them.  She slipped them under her pillow just as she heard a car pull up.  Sitting back on the floor she tried to look like the scared innocent girl again, hoping it was the idiot that was going to come through the door.  Unlike the prick, she liked the idiot and for the life of her couldn't figure out why, even if he was helping to keep her captive.  The warm feeling deep down turned into a buzz when she saw his big frame appear at the bottom of the stairs and the confused look he look he got when he saw his unconscious buddy.  He swung his gaze to her raising an eyebrow and she shrugged.

He kicked out making his friend groan "What are you doing?"

"Just came down to watch her while you were out" he tried to raise eyes rolling "I got too close to the cage and she knocked me out."

Max thought her big guard would help this guy out, maybe help carry him upstairs.  Instead he grabbed him by the back of his jacket roughly hauling him up just to throw him, literally throw the smaller guy, half way up the stairs.  Max stared shocked, glancing between the guy standing before her and the groaning that was coming from the stairwell.

"What the hell!?" the voice shouted down "I didn't do anything! I was just guarding her!"

His eyes narrowed and he took a step towards the voice.  She heard scrambling and the door slam followed by silence.  Happy that the other guy was no longer there he huffed turning to face her again.   He held a fast food bags in his hands and besides the scowl he wore she realised that he didn't know what to do, and for the first time in her life she was at a loss as well.  Her stomach decided though that what it wanted was more food and growled.

He glanced at the bags in his hands realising he held them.  He sat down pulling out enough food to feed a four person family.  She inched closer, the smell of hot food nearly making her drool and watched as he proceeded to tear a burger in half.

It looks like he learns fast she thought gently taking the half he offered her while watching him.

She had been told before that she had a habit of staring, but she liked to watch people and if she watched someone intently they should of felt privileged that she found them interesting.   He was very interesting, and she couldn't help but stare.  Unlike the other men who had been in here he was tall.  Very tall.  Probably clearing 6'4 and he looked to be made of muscle.  Broad shoulders, big arms, even bigger thighs.  The man could have been a Spartan.  He also had short black hair surrounding a handsome face, just long enough that a girl could run her hands through it.  She watched his face closely going over his sharp features that seemed set in a permeant expression of cold distain.  It was his eyes that held her, the cold steel blue; the eyes of someone who had seen the worst and had fought through it.

"So" he cleared his throat handing her another half.  She didn't realise she had already finished her first and happily took it.  She had to hand it to these captors they actually feed her "What did Matt do?"


"The guy in here before."

"Oh, Nothing really" she shrugged.

He nodded handing through some fries, this was the best food she had in a very long time.  It might be the starvation that was causing that reaction but the fries were basically melting in her mouth. Fried, processed goodness.  Screw the health officials she was going to eat these fries until she passed out.

"Name?" It slipped out before she knew what she was saying.  It was the food she decided, him being nice and eating food with her to show it's not drugged was bringing out the good side in her. Besides, she told herself, she needed a name to give to the police when she got out of here.  He stopped chewing to look at her stunned, he was like a deer in head lights the way his blue eyes widened.  "Ummmm" he glanced at the bag he had brought down "The place is called Zapp Burgers."

Max felt her eyebrow twitch.  "I mean, what is your name?"

He closed his eyes his jaw clenching.  Was he annoyed?  "It's Damien."

Seriously, Damien?  What was she in a badly written bodice ripper novel?  But, she had to admit it fitted him.  He started packing up their rubbish seeming ready to go and it would only take him a few seconds to walk up the stairs.  Now all she needed to do was figure out how long he was going away for and if she would be able to get out during that time.   She had a feeling the best time to make her escape would be when he was getting her food, but that was only when he actually left the house to do it.  She already knew there were other people in the house, but she was certain that she would be able to get past them.

Max sighed, there was a heap of 'buts' in her plan.

She realised that she hadn't heard the door close while she was busy going over her thoughts of escape.  Turning her head she bit her tongue holding back the curse she wanted to scream.  The big idiot was still sitting against the wall from her cell, and he was reading a magazine.

Could this nightmare get any worse?

"What are you doing?' she managed to bite out.

She saw his jaw clench and he cleared his throat refusing to look at her "Just keeping you company."

She couldn't stop the sarcastic response "That's mighty nice of you, want to get in the cage to?"

"If you want me to" he shrugged still reading that stupid magazine.

Max felt her nice act slipping away "What I want is for you to let me go."

He turned the page "Can't do that."


"Not until we find out what happened."

"I was kidnapped, I killed the people who did it.  What is there to figure out?"

He turned another page and all she wanted to do was scream at him "We aren't sure if you killed all of them."


"We are counting up the body parts to see if you did kill them all and how."

"Well that's easy I....." Max stopped and thought about what happened.  All she remembered was the cellar door opening and the stench of sage and tobacco filling the room.   Then she was angry, and the smell mixed with the metallic stench of blood as screams rang in her ears.  The next thing she knew, she woke up back in the cellar chained to the wall.

Damien was staring at her waiting for her to continue but she couldn't.  She couldn't remember anything, so she told the truth, "I don't remember."

"You don't remember how you killed seven people."

This time she shrugged edging further back in her cell.  He raised an eyebrow "Aren't you a bit freaked out by all this?"

"No point in freaking out or breaking down" she said honestly "What will that get you in a situation like this?  Nothing."

He nodded at her answer turning back to that magazine she hated so much.

Well it seemed conversation time was over and with her new in house guard she could do nothing until he was gone.  She couldn't even use the bed in case the keys jingled.

She had the worst luck in the history.

Damien yawned stretching his aching muscles.  It had been five hours since he came down stairs to watch over her.  Now it was evening and his stomach was growling for dinner.  He looked up panicking a bit when he didn't see Max straight away, but then saw her curled up asleep under her sleeping cot.  He saw her shaking slightly and cursed at himself for forgetting to have brought down a blanket for her.

Wait, why was it bothering him?  She killed seven people, he shouldn't be worried about her state of being.  What was happening to him? 

If he was hungry then she must be as well.  He made his way upstairs hoping someone was making dinner or had gotten dinner for them, but when he got to the kitchen his hope was too much.

"Matt and Coal have gone to the store" Chris breezed by heading straight to the coffee maker.

Damien grunted closing the fridge.

"How is the girl doing?"


"That's good."

"There's something though?" He paused taking the cup Chris handed him "There's something"

"Like what?"

"I don't know" he shrugged, "but there's something that doesn't add up about this situation."

Chris listened drinking from his cup "I agree that things don't add up.  Logan informed me that the seventh pack member wasn't among the bodies."

Hmmm so that means she only killed six people "How does he know that?"

"He counted the arms."

Well with the way the bodies were all torn up and body parts thrown all over the room that would have been the only way.

"Male or female?"

"Male.  Safe to assume that he's currently out there at the moment none too pleased that his pack was killed" Chris headed out of the kitchen throwing  over his shoulder "Talk to the girl, maybe she can tell us something." There was a brief pause then he heard the window bang open and Chris bellow out "For God's sake guys, how many times do I have to tell you!?  When you are sent out to buy groceries you actually need to buy groceries and not takeaways!"

"But you said to go get dinner!" Coals voice shouted back.

"Next time I'm sending Kira, she actually has a brain!"

"I don't know if I should be complimented or insulted by that!" Kira shouted, joining in on the shouting match.

"This is my pack" Damien mumbled downing the last of the coffee "One big bellowing family."

He grabbed two bags groaning when he saw it being burgers again and headed down to the basement.  Max was still passed out where she had been before.  The poor girl probably hadn't had much sleep in the past few days.

He heard a little whimper.   She must have been dreaming; he watched her for a few minutes, seeing her distress increase until she was almost screaming out.

"Max?" he stepped to the bars trying to get as close as possible.

Her eyes flew open and they flashed in the darkness focusing on him with a glazed intensity. Suddenly she managed to roll out from under the bed, stand and fly towards him, snapping and snarling.  She was feral, nothing she was doing right now was rational.  She was reacting on pure instinct and currently her instinct was to kill him.  Shocked, he punched out connecting with her jaw as she reached the bars.  Her head snapped back and she dropped to the ground unconscious.  All he could say as he looked down at her was "Shit." He couldn't believe he just did that.....again.  He was really turning into a bastard.

"Max?" he asked softly making sure not to alarm her.  Nothing.  He called out again, but she just laid there.  So he reached through the bar gently running his fingers against her cheek, she sighed at the contact leaning into his touch. "Max" he said again cupping her cheek and then she sighed his name.

He closed his eyes gritting his teeth. He's said it once and he will say it again. This girl was going to be the death of him.

The End

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