Chapter Two: Knock Out.

Damien watched her sleep, feeling a tad bit guilty that she was still knocked out. He debated maybe he shouldn't of hit her that hard, but then if he hadn't, he would of been wearing a lead pipe upside the head. Now that he got over that particular guilt, he was met with a whole other sticky situation. How the hell would he explain why she was currently locked up in a cell in his pack's basement? He pondered this for a few minutes before he wondered why the hell he was worried about what she thought. He didn't even know her, and the only interaction they had was when she was trying to kill him. Though she had been looking damn hot when she was. Even while being all dirty and clothes torn she looked dangerously beautiful, hell that just made her hotter.

Damien snarled at himself, what the hell was wrong with him? Before he could start analysing, that he heard the basement door open and a few sets of footsteps descended towards him.

"Damien, knocking a girl out is not the way to woo her" Logan mocked being the first one down the stairs.

Logan was second in command. He and Chris grew up together being best friends throughout their lives. Where Chris was caring and composed, Logan was loud and woman crazy. However, Logan was always there when Chris needed him, so Damien tolerated him.

Damien huffed in response, resisting the urge to rip the guy's throat out when he stepped up to the bars. Chris was behind him and he peered through the bars deep in thought.

"You say you found her chained in the basement?" Chris finally asked as the two men faced him.


"And the pack that was holding her were all killed."


Eyes narrowed as Chris took this information in, glancing at Logan.

"Why was she locked up?" Logan asked knowing what he was thinking. "And why wasn't she killed off like the rest of the pack?"

"She wasn't part of the pack" Damien answered, "She was the girl who was taken, but she had no ties to them."

"So you think they took her as a potential breeder?" Chris asked.

"There were seven people in the pack and only one wasn't mated. No other pack wanted to deal with them" Logan jumped in running a hand through his blonde hair. "And now my earlier comment is so inappropriate."

"So either inbreed, breed with humans or kidnap" Chris thought out loud ignoring Logan's latter statement. "Well we know which option they decided to pick."

"My question is" Logan tapped his chin, "Who killed everyone?"

Chris was about to answer, but a low sultry voice cut him off making all the men jump.

"I did."

They all faced the bars acting like school boys who got caught smoking behind the gym, staring at the girl who now stood at the bars, watching them calmly with those startling amber eyes. They hadn't even heard her move and Damien didn't know whether to be worried or impressed.

"You killed them?" Chris asked doubtful.

Damien would have been doubtful as well...if she hadn't nearly owned him.



She raised an eyebrow at that comment, clearly mocking him "Wouldn't you have?" Then she continued to stare him down.

The girl had guts, clearly, and after they stood like that for a good solid minute Damien saw something he had never seen Chris do. He dropped his gaze. His alpha just got his dominance one upped by a girl. You could have knocked him over with a feather he was so shocked.

Chris cleared his throat "Do you know why they took you?"

She remained silent, watching, and even when he asked other questions all she did was stare. He had thought she would have been an emotional wreck. Cowering in the corner and sobbing her head off, but no she didn't do any of that. She remained calm taking her surroundings in and eyeing each of them up. She reminded him of a wild wolf, cunning, intelligent and not to be messed with.

He had to keep a close eye on her.

Eventually Chris stopped asking questions and he motioned for them to go upstairs.

Damien waited while his elders went, not ready to follow just yet.

"You're different" That voice which he knew was going to haunt his fantasies spoke out.

He stopped, foot resting on the lower step, and looked back over his shoulder waiting for her to continue.

"To them" she motioned with a jerk of the head.

"Yea I am" he agreed.

She tipped her head stepping to the furthest corner of the cell, the corner closest to him. She breathed deep holding onto the bars just too lean back and sort of swing side to side he was mesmerised. Once she breathed out she stopped, looking him dead in the eye.

"You smell like me."

While she had been doing her little show he had subconsciously walked to the bars, but at her little comment he almost reared back. It couldn't be, he thought, mind racing and too prove she was in fact wrong he breathed deep. Right there, he finally smelt it. The tell-tale sign of hidden raw power. The smell of a Berserker.

How the fuck did he miss that?

"Were you bitten to?"

"What?" he snapped as thousands of questions banged around.

That wasn't the answer she was looking for, she narrowed her eyes stepping away from the bars. Damien could physically feel her shutting him out and for some reason it pissed him off.

He gripped the bars leaning in "What did you say?" he ordered, scrambling to keep her open, to keep her talking.

She stepped back eyes never leaving him "Nothing." Then she huffed spinning around to lie on the small cot they had set up, her back to him "Nothing what so ever."

He waited a few seconds then knowing he wasn't going to get anything else out of her, he snarled turning to stomp up the stairs. He could have sworn he heard her chuckle. He slammed the door a bit too hard, in response there was a sound of cracking wood and snapping metal before it completely fell free and banged to the ground. Chris and Logan stopped mid conversation staring at him with questionable looks.

"You ok?" Logan asked.

"She said I smelt like her" and when they both gave a further confused looks, he added "She's a Berserker."

Logan slapped some money into Chris's open hand groaning "It was this one that threw me off" he gestured towards Damien.

"It's your nose and you know it."

"You knew" Damien growled, it explained why Chris dropped his gaze.

Chris shrugged, "It was a feeling. Now what else did she say?"

Damien closed his eyes reminding himself not to maul his elders, "Something about being bitten, I don't know."

He didn't like the way Chris went still at that, he knew something and he wasn't telling him. "She seems to be forming a bond with you."

Logan opened his mouth to say something inappropriate and since his temper was fraying Damien cut him off "Yea, and?"

"So maybe we can get her to trust you."

Damien agreed with that. He wanted this girl to trust him, didn't know why and didn't care all he wanted was this girl to come to him for whatever she needed. Yea it was an irrational thought and he blamed the wolf side of him, but he was going to be stubborn and eventually that should wear his wolf down.

"Fine, what do you want me to do?"

Damien carried the tray down the stairs now thinking this was a terrible idea. He was the protector of this pack, his job was to intimidate and kill in the name of his pack. Not gain trust and act as a baby sitter.

But then he saw her sitting on the bed and he changed his mind again.

"Dinner" he gruffed pushing the try through the specially made slot.

She didn't make a move for the food. Well that wasn't a good sign. He sat down on the stool opposite her cell pulling the backpack he had off. He thought she would have yelled at him for digging through her bag, but she just watched him closely not saying anything.

He pulled out a phone noting it was out of battery when it wouldn't turn on. Placing it carefully to the side he rummaged around finding a few books, three of them seemed to be novels while one was a heavy medical book. That was odd, but hey he was known to read strange things as well.

He was surprised when the rest of his search revealed deodorant, a wallet, a small toiletry bag filled with plasters, antiseptic cream, pain killers, tampons, one condom that was tucked into a side pocket and a switch knife. First of all, shouldn't there be makeup and other girly things like that and second why the hell was she carrying a knife?

He opened the wallet looking up "Aren't you going to eat?"

She kept staring with those eyes he found so captivating. They just drew him in, and after a minute of staring back he realised he should probably say something else "Aren't you hungry?"

"Yes" she finally replied.

Finding no more than a driver's licence and a few cards he dropped the wallet back into the bag. "Then eat."

"You could have drugged it" she pointed out.

"Why would I drug it?" He snapped, shocked she would suggest something like that.

"The other guy did."

She had said it low, but the information was still like a punch in the gut. What do you say to that? He thought panicking for a brief second. What do I do?

Never one to talk, Damien decided to do what he did best and just showed her. He got up from his seat to sit down just outside the bars. Pulling the tray back through the gap, he picked up the sandwich he had made, broke it in half, opened the water bottle and poured a generous amount into her cup, then pushed it back through. Keeping the half-filled bottle and half of the sandwich to himself. He took a big bite, chewed and swallowed washing it down with the water. He raised an eyebrow hoping to show her that there was nothing wrong and to go ahead, but then he remembered that he tended to frighten people away. Granted that was because he wanted them frightened and away from him, but not her...he didn't want her to be afraid of him.

"Max" he hoped he said softly indicating to the food.

Damien saw her hold her breath and be briefly closed his eyes and cursed his existence. Then he heard her move and he opened his eyes watching her crouch down dragging the tray to her. Well look at that, his manly charm must be getting better.

She dug into the sandwich showing she was hungrier than she had let on, and when she groaned at that first bite he almost groaned with her, but with a different hunger.

"Drug?" He said continuing when she looked at him confused "What drug did he put into your food?"

"It made me sleep" She shrugged taking another huge bite.

He eyed her "When was the last time you ate?"

She thought about it, damn it must have been ages if she had to think about it, and said "Two days...three if you count today."

That ringing sound he heard just now was his anger boiling.

"He tried to drug you at every meal?"

She had finished eating and was watching him again. Usually if anyone stared at him the way she did he would have them on their backs punching their faces in, but again with her he didn't mind. Her lips were parted as if she was about to say something, but she made no sound. Instead it just made her seem like she was waiting.

He cleared his throat "Are you still hungry?"

"Very" she almost growled.

Werewolves get a bit angry when they haven't eaten in a while and Max wasn't an exception. The only thing that worried him was that he had just used the last of the edible food in the house to make that pathetic excuse of a ham and cheese sandwich.

He would have to go buy something...but he didn't want to leave her too long by herself. That 'I'm- gonna-tear-someone's-arm-off-and-gnaw-on-it-if-I-don't-have-food-soon' vibe she was giving him made him change his mind right quick.

He stood grabbing her bag and belongings "I'll be back."

"Ok, I'll wait here" she sighed sarcastically behind him.

It wasn't until he was upstairs grabbing the keys for his car that he realised that he was smiling, and he had a blissful thirty seconds before he started worrying about what that meant. This girl was going to be the death of him.

The End

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