Chapter One: Not A Morning Person.

Whoever was trying to wake him up must have a death wish because everyone knows "Don't wake up Damien until after 10am" followed by "No seriously don't wake him up until after 10am, especially if you want to be able to walk afterwards."

There was another knock and his door creaked open, he cracked open an eye glaring at the boyish face floating in the doorway. He growled watching the face disappear around the doors edge and a shaky voice sound out.

"Time to get up!"

Damien growled again nearly ready to get up and kill the guy just on principle. Hell it was early and he was more than happy to be their executor. He was trying to sleep and any idiot who wanted to wake up the so call Reaper of the shifter world should know there are consequences. Only their Alpha could wake him up without incurring his wrath.

"Chris wants you downstairs."

Oh damn.......orders from the Alpha.

With a deep sigh he forced himself to sit up, rolling his stiff shoulders, hearing bones pop and crack. Glancing at the clock he saw the time which resulted in the poor defenceless clock to be thrown across the room shattering against the wall.

It was only 6 o'clock in the fucking morning. He rubbed his face hard, saying goodbye to the thought of sleep and hello to burning rage.

He had only managed to drag himself to bed two hours ago after just getting back from a long hard job. Long story short, he was not in the best state of mind to handle getting up.

He needed and meat or he will be killing people this morning.

"Damien?" A voice asked tentatively.

"I'm up" he snarled sending the lower wolf scrambling down the hall.

Grudgingly he got up not bothering to change out of the jeans and t-shirt he was still wearing from yesterday, it didn't smell too bad, and made his way down stairs.

The kitchen was buzzing with activity when he entered and he bit back a snarl at everyone's happy attitude. Matt sat at the kitchen table, clearly having just been woken up as well with bed ridden hair and hastily thrown on jeans and shirt. Coal sat across from him, the same boyish face that had woken him was grinning, while his arms waved above his blonde head as he told some sort of story. The danger he just experienced forgotten. Damien briefly wondered if the kid would ever grow out of the face. He had a feeling he wouldn't and wondered how he was going to survive in a predator world. Poor boy, a female wolf was going to come along, chew him up, and spit him out. How pathetic is that?

"Morning" a small hand patted his shoulder while the other one pressed a hot cup of coffee into his chest.

"Kira" he greeted.

He bent down his six foot - six inch height, letting her kiss his cheek. She was 5 foot 4, very petite with long dark brown hair and striking green eyes set in a very china doll looking face. The whole image was just plain cute.

Out of the whole house Damien loved this pack mate the most. She understood him, knew when to leave him the fuck alone and she greeted him with coffee in the morning. See, who wouldn't love this little woman?

He glanced down seeing her usual jeans replaced with a sundress. "Matt steal your pants again?" he asked drinking the sweet nectar of the gods.

Kira rolled her eyes "Yes he did and I don't know where the hell he hides them."

"You look beautiful in a dress" Matt piped up his brown eyes flashing with lust.

"I want my pants Matthew" Kira threatened, pointing at him. "Or I'm going to burn all the dresses you insist on me wearing."

"You will be walking around the house naked then."

"I curse you. I curse your Brad Pitt looking face and, and....I curse your Xbox."

Damien didn't see that, he looked nothing like Brad Pitt, but he did have full lips and a square jaw. Yup he could see woman falling over themselves for Matt.

And he couldn't believe he just thought that. This is what lack of sleep did to him. It made him ponder things that shouldn't be pondered. Right he needed more coffee. Was that bacon he smelled?

"You did not just curse my Xbox" Matt gasped.

"Oh, I did. Now tell me where my pants are or I'll go in there now and smash it."

"They're in the wood shed."

Kira squealed running out the back door. Damien shook his head sitting at the table trying to understand why Matt was grinning like an idiot staring after her.

"Why do you do that?" Coal asked stuffing his mouth full of egg.

"It's fun" he informed, then added "and it keeps the relationship hot with the little struggle of dominance."

Crazy, clearly crazy.

He took a sip of coffee feeling his sleep deprived brain wake up. "Oh yea I remembered something" he mumbled, reaching up he grabbed Coal by the back of the head and slammed his face into the table with enough force to knock him out.

"What was that for?" Matt asked not even batting an eye lid as Coal slid to the floor.

"He knows" Damien riddled sipping his coffee.

Chris walked in concentrating on the papers in his hand. Damien looked at their alpha noticing his brown hair getting lighter and brown eyes hiding behind wire framed glasses. He was hitting his fifties but he still looked like a man in his thirties. That was the werewolf DNA for you. They aged slowly and lived longer, as long as you weren't stupid enough to get your throat ripped out by another werewolf along the way.

Chris looked up eyebrow raising as he glanced between Matt, Damien and then to Coal on the ground.

"I have a job for you two" he directed at them, ignoring the typical abuse Damien inflicted daily on the lower wolf.

"We just got back" Matt pointed out. "Ow" he glared at Damien rubbing his just kicked knee. Usually Damien ignored it when Matt talked back to their alpha, but today his tolerance was low. Who was he kidding? He had no fucking patience what so ever. So he kicked the guy hoping he would remember his place.

"What is the job?" Damien asked as Matt kicked him back, but unlike the weakling he didn't yelp. He shot Matt a warning glare, he clearly needed to be shown his place.

"It's probably nothing" Chris mused to himself sitting down and shuffling the papers "But I would like you both to check it out."

"What do you think it co - OOOOWWWWW" Chris raised his eyebrow again at Matt's smiling face "bit my tongue."

"I'll go" Damien offered grabbing Chris's attention.

"You're going to need Matt" Chris thought out loud returning his attention back to the papers. Matt took this opportunity to lay one right in Damien's left knee cap, the force of the impact was enough to cause Damien's jaw to clench, biting back a snarl. He narrowed his eyes...Oh this was on.

For as long as he could remember Matt was always challenging him, starting fights and trying to prove he was the stronger male. Damien was more than happy to kick his ass back down to the bottom of the wolf pile.

"He will need to go to talk to the witnesses."

"Witnesses to what?" Kira asked, awkwardly stepping through the back door, trying to pull her jeans up and button them, but her dress was getting in the way. "What did Coal do?"

The poor boy was still unconscious on the ground, something they should have been worried about but like always people ignored him.

"He knows" Damien stated again rising.

"Bring it on Reaper" Matt challenged standing also.

"No Baby, remember-" trying to keep the peace, but the body of her mate flying across the table into a growling Damien stopped her. "Fine. Damien is going to kick your ass and once he does I'm going to laugh and laugh and laugh!" she shouted over the tangling bodies.

They rolled around on the ground throwing punches and trying to kick the others knee caps out.

Rubbing the bridge of her nose she turned to Chris flashing a sweet smile. "So, they're going on a job?" Kira asked Chris who didn't seem to notice the two.

"Just two towns over. A girl says she was attacked by a werewolf and her friend was taken."

"That poor girl."

"I still think it's nothing, but if it isn't I'm more worried about the friend that was taken." He raised out of his seat still concentrating on the papers as he casually walked out. "When they stop tussling send them to my office."

"Will do."

"And call Logan. Tell him his son is unconscious again."

Kira picked up the phone watching the two boys for bit while the phone rang.

"Hello" a warm voice answered on the sixth ring.

"Coal has been knocked out again" was all Kira said.

The voice sighed. "Let him suffer, it'll give him character" then all she heard was a dial tone.

A yelp ran out and she focused on her mate huffing "See told you."

Matt rolled his eyes, unable to do much else since Damien had a heel in the back of his head and was pulling his right arm back to almost breaking point.

"Please don't break him I like his arm where is it."

Damien really hated his luck.

It was a constant string of bad situations. He had learnt over time to skilfully avoid most of them but when he couldn't even go into a bar because chances are that a drunk idiot would pick a fight with him then he had to admit...his luck sucked.

And right now it had decided that although he has spent over 48hours with Matt in a car already, that it clearly wasn't enough.

"That's odd" His car buddy hummed flipping through a file.

Damien made a non-committal grunt drinking from his extra-large coffee mug. Black with about six sugars thrown in there. Anything less than that and he would have killed Matt before they even made it out of the driveway. Thanks to the-nectar-of-the-Gods though Matt was still alive and breathing after twenty minutes of driving.

Still focused on the file, Matt took the grunt as a sign to continue "It's doesn't mention the friend that has been taken."


He shifted in his seat grabbing one of the other files that was on the dash board. Once they had finished scraping at the house they had gone to Chris and grabbed the paper work on this job. Sometimes Damien wondered if Chris went a bit over board when he researched something, but he had to admit the information did come in handy most times. "The newspaper only mentions that the friend was taken and that police are looking for her. No name, no description, nothing" Matt frowned flipping open the second file. "It looks like they mostly concentrated on the girl that was left behind.... a Dom Summers."


"It's strange that they would do that don't you think?"

"Yea" Damien agreed, glad to see the welcome to Blackridge. It should instead say this-shit-hole-of-a-little-town.

"Anyway the lost girl is named Max Archer. She's 5, 10 dark hair and dark eyes, Caucasian." He paused then shook his head "How the hell Chris gets his hands on the police report I'll never know."

Chris managed to get a lot of things that were hard to obtain, but that was thanks to Damien. He whipped up the programme to obtain certain information that wasn't meant for the public years ago. It helped the pack to monitor any rouge werewolves and to get to the bottom of the hoaxes. Matt didn't need to know that though and it was fun to watch him suffer trying to figure it out.

"Well take me to the hospital" Matt ordered which didn't sit too well with Damien.


"I'll talk to this Dom chick and sort out what happened, you can go to the local pack and ask them questions."

Damien smirked. "Afraid to handle a measly seven member pack?" He teased, glad for once to go toe to toe with a pack than talk to a human girl. Fighting he can handle but talking to female werewolves or humans was something he wouldn't rather do. He tended to scare the humans off with a small grunt and the werewolves...he shuddered remembering how last time the females threw themselves at him and he was forced to fight off guys who all wanted to tear his throat out because their girl was looking at him. Wait he took it back. He would rather not deal with anyone.

"Well unlike you oh great cave wolf" Matt teased back doing a mock bow and everything. I have manners that actually allow me to communicate with people instead of, you know, scaring the shit out of them."

"I like it when they run" he answered honestly.

He pulled to a stop outside the hospital and Matt hopped out. He turned back leaning through the door, his face serious "You be careful ok."

Damien raised an eyebrow uncertain of what to do "Sure."

"And remember, don't eat the werewolves you kill, you know Chris frowns on that" He laughed slamming the car door.

Screw what Kira said, he was going to bash his face in.

It occurred to him that recently his temper had been getting the best of him. Over the past couple of years his mood had been getting down right terrible to a point in fact that mostly everyone avoided him now unless they had to talk to him about work.

Even Kira had started to edge away, something that hurt yet he did nothing to try and stop it. That's why he had been doing so well as the pack protector, short fuse, strong fists and not giving a fuck about who he pummelled.

He sighed driving away from the small township to the local pack's land thirty minutes down the road. They were only a small pack. Three mated couples and one adult male. The Alpha wasn't the best, a weak man who was more sneakily and cowardly and unable to expand due to that.

After driving along a forest road he arrived at the pack's place. A football sized clearing with four small cabins scattered throughout looking worse for wear and extremely depressing in the shade of the tall trees surrounding them. He didn't spot anyone as he turned off the engine and stepped out. Odd considering that werewolves were extremely territorial and the males should of been out to face him as soon as he pulled up. Where were they all?

The smell hit him as soon as he took a breath. Blood. And lots of it.

On alert now he crouched peering around the clearing. He couldn't see or hear anyone and with the smell of blood covering everything he couldn't one hundred percent be sure that he was alone. Moving quickly he got to the first cabin, pressing his back against the wall he scanned the area again for movement. When he saw none he twisted the door handle, a bit surprised when it swung open easily and ducked inside.

It was a one bedroom cabin, with a dining/living area and a bathroom so he didn't have to search much to see the place was empty. Nothing jumped out to him as being out of the ordinary. He searched two others coming up with the same result, and the closer he got to the fourth cabin the feeling of dread intensified. It felt like he was swimming in blood, the smell was so thick he thought he was going to choke on it. Like all the other cabins the door swung open easily and looking inside he never had to worry about someone from the pack sneaking up on him because they were all here, and all stone cold dead.

Well this changes things. He pulled out his cell phone counting the bodies (and parts) as it rang.

"Please don't tell me that you killed everyone" Matt joked when he answered.

"I didn't kill anyone" Damien answered stepping inside careful not to get any blood on his new boots. A bit hard since the floor was completely covered in it.

"Well that's good so...."

"They were already dead when I got here" He cut in trying to figure out if the detached hand at his feet was male or female.

"Pardon, what?"

"Someone killed all of them."

"And it wasn't you?" Matt asked concerned.


There was a moment of silence "I'll be around shortly."

"Unless you want to kill the cab driver I suggest running."

Matt swore making him smile, the running he was suggesting was changing into his wolf form and running the distance here. Matt always hated doing that "I hate it when I have to do that, I always get holes in my clothes" and that was the reason why. The guy always had to have his clothes even if that means carrying them in his month. Damien didn't care if he was naked, but it always caused an uproar when they turned up in populated areas. So clothes was a necessity.

"Leave your clothes somewhere safe we'll pick them up later."

He heard further mumbling before the line went dead. Chuckling he slipped his phone back into his pocket wondering how were they going to clean up all this mess.

All the evidence was in this one cabin so he could easily clean it and hide all the bodies, his pack already owned the land so no one will be coming around. This didn't look like the alphas cabin so he would have to search for any paperwork and lug that back home. Yup this for once will be a simple clean up.

Damien picked his way over to the kitchen area hoping they at least had rubbish bags. It's a bitch picking up body parts when you don't have something bag like to carry them in.

People think a rug would be fine, but that's only if you have a full body. If you have parts then you need a bag, any bag will do, but a plastic one will work best. It stops the blood from dripping everywhere.

His foot scraped against something hard, he glanced down frowning at the rug. It was still flat and besides the blood seeping into the edges it was still pretty clean. He crouched down eyeing it slowly then flung it over, eyebrow raising when it revealed a cellar door.

Now why would they have a cellar and try and hide it under a rug?

He shrugged the thought away, lifting the heavy door with ease. Dark steps lead down and if he tipped his head to the side, and stooped, he saw a heavy duty metal door, the kind you see in butcher shops, tucked in at the bottom.

"Maybe it's extra storage for meat" he thought thinking of the five freezers back home filled with all kinds of meat.

The steps creaked under his weight as he made his way down. The light faded the deeper he went, but with his eye sight he was able to see everything easily. Those werewolf senses are great.

It seemed only two people had come up and down these steps, by the scents he was picking up he could tell a male scent was the most potent meaning he had used these stairs every day. The second scent was female and it was faint meaning she had been up the stairs only a couple of times. The bottom door was locked and when he reached for the handle he noticed blood, someone was down here just after the killings happened. Bracing himself he slid the bolt free and let the door creek open. The smell of the female hit him and he shivered. It reminded him of heat, yet it was also sweet and hearty but somehow musky. How was that even possible? He shook his head breathing deep, the scent was fresh meaning she was inside, it poured over him making him want to track down its source and roll in it.

What the hell was wrong with him?

When the door rested against the wall he stepped in glancing around the small room. The walls were all concrete and the only source of light was coming in from a small window that was up high in the farthest wall. A blanket and pillow was in the corner covered in dirt and looking ready to disintegrate into nothing they were so old. A ring jutted out from the wall directly in front of him about midway up, a thick chain attached to it.

His eyes followed the chain to behind the door, stepping in further he pulled it slightly back shocked to see the source of that beautiful scent that left him staring.

He noticed the eyes first, they were glowing amber in the darkness as they watched him. They reminded him of animal eyes, the colour of a wolf's. Unnaturally bright and completely cold. Even though the eyes were unnatural nothing else was, she had high cheek bones and full red lips that would never need any lipstick. She had long dark hair that really needed a brush, but he could tell it was naturally wavy falling past her shoulders and looked silky to the touch. She was shorter than him. About 5'10 and curvy, yet she still looked athletically built. He bet she got heaps of shit from other females, but by the scowl on her face he bet she didn't give a flying fuck what others thought.

He frowned at her clothes though, jeans and a t-shirt torn in places with blood and dirt staining nearly every inch of fabric, and not to mention her skin making her look darker than she probably was. His eyes briefly glanced at that chain that was attached to her ankle and his anger peeked. Damien heard himself gruff and hoped she didn't take it as offence. Especially since he was still staring at her like a horny teenager, which he knew he shouldn't be doing since it was apparent she was here against her will. But she was really hot....especially when she hefted that big pipe above her head, it cause her t-shirt to pull against those big breasts of hers showing off....wait.

"Shit" he ducked backwards almost stumbling over his own feet.

The pipe sailed where his head had been. He had only seconds to move before she was at him again, snarling in anger as she swung the pipe at his head.

He caught the pipe snarling back at her. "What the hell? Stop it, I'm here to help you."

She growled low in response and even though it was meant to threaten him, instead he felt it as a stroke against his skin. It turned him on badly and he shouldn't be in this situation.

She stepped back and he thought she was finally calming down, but when she brought her right leg up kicking him right in the gut hard enough to send him falling to the floor he knew she wasn't going to be coming easily. If he didn't do anything shortly she would bash his head in. He gripped the chain watching her lift that pipe again. Before she could swing it, he yanked the chain wincing when her legs came out from under her and she crashed down head bouncing against the floor. He jumped up surprised that she was still conscious after a hit to the head like that. She started to move and reacting on pure instinct, he punched her in the face effectively knocking her out.

He panted looking down at the girl wondering what the hell was going on.


"Down here" he answered Matt's voice relieved, for once, to have the guy around.

Matt appeared in the door way a few seconds later, naked and a look of horror on his face. Brown eyes glanced at him then at the girl on the ground and the look of horror deepened.

"What the hell?" he bit out stepping into the small room. "What is going on? Why is she chained to the wall? Why is she knocked out?"

"She was attacking me with that pipe."

"Why was she attacking you?"

"Don't know" he shrugged.

Matt rolled his eyes frowning "Hey, she looks like that girl that was taken."

They both looked down at her shocked. "So they did decide to kidnap a female to breed with" Matt said what they were thinking. "I wonder what pack she's from."

"We'll need to clean up and get all the pack's papers." Damien pointed out not wanting to think about what the recently deceased pack would have done to her.

"Ok" Matt sighed not happy that they didn't have any answers for now "What about the girl?"

"She's coming with us."

"Really?...Maybe that's not a good idea."

"She was here when whatever when down happened, she can tell us."

Matt sighed running a hand through his dark brown hair "Ok fine but if she goes all feral again you're dealing with her."


"Now excuse me I need to go put some clothes on" he nodded towards the girl before he disappeared out the door "I don't want her to have easy access to my important body parts."

"Do you say that to Kira" Damien shouted up the stairs.

"My baby always has access to my body 24/7."

Damien shook his head looking at the chain still in his hand. It was pretty thick and there was no way he would be able to break through it. He was going to need a key. He made his way upstairs cringing when he saw Matt's bare arse at the top. He pushed past remembering seeing a set of keys on the kitchen bench.

"This is pretty bad" Matt voiced staring at the massacre of a room. Damien hummed snatching the keys up. "I think the only logical thing to do will be to set the cabin on fire and bury the body parts a few yards away."

Damien looked over his shoulder at the cabin. Burning the cabin down would be the fastest and easiest option and he suddenly had the urge to get home as fast as possible.

He nodded "ok, I have the gasoline in the car."

Matt smiled rubbing his hands together "I haven't burnt down a house before this should be fun." And everyone called him strange, the guy was excited about setting fire to a murder scene. Sighing, Damien decided to let it go. He was over this job already and he was worried about the girl. He turned to go down the stairs, but before he went, he pushed Matt smiling when his pack mate fell face first into the pool of blood, chuckling when he heard curses shouted at his back.

Damien looked down at the girl watching her breathe for a few seconds. She still looked beautiful even when asleep and a deep overwhelming urge to protect her rose up.

"Interesting" he hummed removing the chain "Truly interesting."

Damien lifted her up carefully carrying her up the stairs and out to the car. Matt glared at him as he approached, trying to wipe the blood off his body. He had already got his clothes out and had them by his feet his spare cell phone sitting on top.

"I've called Chris to let him know what's going on. He wants you to come home right now with the girl. I'm going to be staying behind and Coal will be coming to help me in a few."

Damien nodded laying the girl on the back seat and buckling her in.

"I found this bag in the bedroom when I was searching for a towel." Matt glared again pointing to the battered backpack by the girl's feet "It smelt like her so I grabbed it."

"Ok" Damien got into the driver seat starting the car.

He pulled away seeing Matt waving in the rear view mirror. Glancing over his shoulder he made sure the girl was still out, then returned his attention back to the road.

"It's nothing" he told himself, worried about the overprotectiveness he was having for this woman "It's nothing to worry about."

As he drove down the long road he ignored the little voice laughing at him and repeated again that nothing was going on.

The End

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