Just when you think .....

There is always HOPE

When life throws you lemons .... then just pour a gin

If not, then a beer? Cup of tea's not a sin

Things will occur and that is just fact

The Devil's at work, so just make a pact

If he wants you so bad that he has to be cruel

Then give him a fight and take up a duel

Tell him it's futile 'cause you know the score

The past holds your thoughts, the future holds more

He thrives on your hurt, your angst and your pain

But he can't stand your hope, and that's where you gain

He wants you to fail and to give up the fight

So show him you're strong and just follow the light

The light may be small - almost too hard to see

But you know that you'll reach it, as it holds the key

All that the key holds is pure expectation

Not knowing, but dreaming... inspired revelation

The End

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