Harbor Heights

A group of 20 somethings and their up's and downs living in the city of Harbor Heights.

Part 1

Underworld Late Evening

The Underworld was usually packed after all it was the hottest spot for Harbor Heights Elite. Anyone that was anyone would spend their nights drinking and dancing the night away but tonight the place was practically empty. Spencer Allen stood behind the counter hoping the night would pick up some. At the moment she was stuck doing meaningless tasks like wiping down the counter for the third time or cleaning the glasses until they shined.

“Hey Spence I think they’re clean enough,” Cara said with a laugh as she placed two more glasses on the counter. “Wanna play a quick game of pool?”

“I don’t know, were supposed to be working.”

“Come on Ivy won’t care, besides this place is practically empty.”

“Alright one, one game.” Spencer told her, holding up one finger to make sure she understood.

“Count me in,” Drew Thompson the bouncer said grabbing the cue out of Cara’s hand.

“Uh…get your own cue,” she said grabbing it back from him.

“So why don’t we make a little bet,” Drew said chalking up a cue.

“What kinda bet?” Spencer asked unsure she wanted to go along with whatever he had planned.

“Keep it PG,” Ivy the bartender said watching them from behind the bar.

“Aw come on Ivy that ruins all my fun. Alright, alright how about if I win one of you lovely ladies gets to take me out on a date, or maybe both of you,” he said with a grin.

“Of course cause that’s the only way you can get a date these days,” Cara teased. “Alright we agree to those terms but if we win you have to clean up after work for us so we can leave early.”

“Fine, you wanna break or shall I?”

“Go ahead.”

Drew lined up his shot and sunk two balls in the corner pocket, he was definitely looking forward to winning this bet. Spencer leaned over the table and attempted to get the red ball in but feeling the pressure the ball skipped over it and landed on the other side. “Haha, looks like I may just win this one.”

“Don’t be too sure Thompson,” Ivy said watching their game. “Cara’s a pro.”

They watched as Cara took her turn sinking another two balls and then handing her cue back to Spencer. “See,” Ivy said with a laugh. He had to give her props she was good but he knew he could beat her it was all about luck and if all else failed psyching out the opponent.

Spencer knew she wasn’t that great at pool she had only agreed to play when Cara had asked assuming they were just going to be playing for fun but now they were betting and she knew she didn’t want to lose. ‘At least Cara was good, maybe they had a chance,’ she thought to herself as she took her second turn.

Drew took his next turn smiling as he pocketed another two balls he was on a roll tonight. Cara shoved past him and leaned over the table to take her turn, he could almost see up the short skirt she wore and he smiled to himself. No he wouldn’t mind going on a date with her not one little bit.

The End

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