Temper, TemperMature

"that is absolute bullshit" i yelled as i stormed out of the council chambers. 

"how did it go?" the question was more of a provocation then concern. i looked over at the one who dared incur my wrath. the Telcan was leaning against the wall with a smug look on his face. Telcans by nature thought themselves better then others, Motaris was a stuck up as they came. "from the way you stormed out, i see that they decided to keep your little pet locked up" he said with a smirk as he approached me. 

"you better watch your mouth, Telcan, or you might need to replace it" i stared straight into his eyes with a fury of the gods. he merely smirked and walked around me.

"for some one who has no idea of his birth right, lineage or clan, you sure talk big", those words only elevated my anger. as i was about to rush after him a hand held me back. it was both gentle and firm. i watched the back of Motaris, wishing to plunge a knife into it. 

"don't let him get to you. Motaris is just a dick. you know how Telcans are" the soothing voice was one of the few things that could calm me down. i turned around to stare into a pair of crimson eyes. Aliana was of the Keltan. a clan within the Amari who possessed full crimson eyes and often summoned Volks of a fire nature. of which hers was perched on her shoulder. she had also just summoned her Volk recently, and it too was one never seen before. hers looked like a small lizard with a long neck and wings. "lets go for a walk" she said as she started to pull me away. i gave out a sigh of defeat as i let me long time friend drag me away. wondering about what had happened in the council chambers. and what to do next.

however, i couldn't shake a certain feeling. a feeling of dread. a feeling of hate. a feeling of anger.

The End

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