Sound of ThunderMature

the horizon was alight with an angry red glow, yet the sun was not rising. the mountain echoed with the sound of thunder, yet not storm was present. i felt someone approach me form behind but cared little of who it was.

  "the war seems so distant from here. like it doesn't really exist", i said more to myself then the person standing beside me.

  "thats the thing about war. its surreal, even to those who fight in it", they replied. "come, the elders are waiting". i stood looking at the angry horizon for a moment longer before following the other off the balcony and back inside. we walked through a maze of interconnecting corridors and rooms. i was vaugely aware of others as we walked past them. hearing dim, muffled greetings and suspicious whispers. by now everyone had heard of what was summoned. not even i was sure of what i summoned. the volk was unlike any seen before. to me the last few days seemed to go by in a blur. apparently i passed out after the summoning and my volk was chained and taken to the cellar. someone calling out my name dragged me from my thoughts and i realized that i was standing in front of a set of huge double doors. the opened up and i was beckoned in. what lay beyond the threshold was a spacious circular room. a curved table lay at one end and a pedestal sat in the middle with a single chair upon it.
i was asked to approach. as i started my walk forward, all i could hear was my own heart beat thumping in my ears. echoing and reverberating over and over again.

all i could hear was the sound of thunder, yet a different kind of storm was approaching.

The End

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