Avalon is a land embroiled in war between the Amari, those who revere nature, and the Telcans, masters of technology and science. this war has raged on for the better part of a 1000 years. but the people here do not fight alone. accompanying them are creatures called Volks, summoned when a person comes of age.

It stared. Its eyes show an intellect far greater than expected. Deep within its deep red eyes, anger and malice radiated. This was a creature born of hate and violence. Created to destroy. And yet it just stared. Its eyes searching for something. As I looked into it, it looked into me. It judged me as I was judging it. It was learning about me as I learnt about it. I could feel it seeping into me, looking, searching for something. Finally it stood up, now towering over me a full two metres. It opened its fang filled maw. And spoke.

                “I am yours to command” I was shocked, but did not let it show. “ask, and I will answer”.

I contemplated what to ask it. I had so many questions. So many things I wanted to know. Yet only one question escaped my lips.

                “who are you?” this time it was the one who was shocked. It looked at me. It knew what I asked.

                “I am your destiny. i am your future. I am your saviour. I am your death” shocked whispers echoed around us. Yet still we just stared at each other. Man and monster. Yet, who was the man, and who the monster.

The End

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