He was sitting on the same bench he always sat on. And like always I watched from a distance. The people who walked by scowled at him. They had no interest in him. He was a scrawny fellow with little to eat and no where to sleep, but right there on the park bench. Sometimes someone might come along and give him a slice of bread, but that was all. I had seen him watch the children in the park play with the others there. The children never came to him. They'd glance at him then run to there parents in fear, and the mothers and fathers would keep their children away. He was a scary looking man with tattoos and sunken cheeks. It was obvious he had gone through more then one addiction.

At first I too wondered if I should trust him, but then after one day of following him around I'd seen enough. He felt awful for everything he had done in his life, and all he needed was some love. Scanning the park again I smiled to myself. A women sat with a young boy on his lap. The boy was smiling and laughing and the women with him. I watched as the two stood and started down the path in the man's direction. Neither had seen him yet, but that didn't matter. Focusing on the little boy I bit my tongue and let him trip on some ice. The man looked up and walked over to help him as he started to cry. As he did the single mother of the young child smiled up at the man with a sparkle in her eyes. She whispered her thanks and for the first time in all the month that I had been watching him. He smiled.

Many asked if I was happy after this event. I could have been, but there's also the chance that I wasn't...

The End

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