The third pancake (10/10)Mature

I waited for her to carry on, hoping she would say something that made sense this time.
   “I…I just think I’ve kind of wasted my time on him- you know?” she sighed, as she looked up at the blue sky, as if hoping for a miracle.
   “Who was he anyway- this guy who dumped you?”
   “Come on- don’t tell me you’re going to keep this from me,”
She turned away, looking at the ground.
   “Hey! Hey! Tell me!”
She carried on looking at the ground, stubbornly refusing to say anything. I stood up and walked over to her.
   “Hannie Yoon!” I shouted, causing her to jump. I bent down and looked at her with a serious expression. She looked frightened- even though she was the one who know all the ‘in-defence moves’, Instead, I began tickling her- and she seemed surprised, but laughed down to the ground.
   “Raina! Raina- stop it!” she laughed, trying to push me off.
   “Not unless you tell me who it is,” I said back.
   “Hey, Hey!” she yelled.

Moments later, she gave up and agreed to tell me who it was.
   “He’s tall…”
   “Oh, cut the crap and get on with telling me!”
   “Ok- but you must promise not to kill me,”
Suddenly, she darted off, grabbing her bag with her as she leaped across the logs near the pond.
   “Hey- Hannie Yoon! Are you not going to tell me?”

Mother- why did I bother wasting my time with her- like she was going to tell me.



“I’m back,” I yelled, dumping my bags on the chair next to our shop’s window.
“Oh, you’re back? Raina, sit down,” Mum replied, whilst cleaning the glass cups.

“Erm…ok, did something happen?”

“Yeah, you could say that…” she sighed, putting down the dry cups face down.
“What? What is it? Have our recipes got stolen again?!”
“Did dad gamble all the money away?”
“Are we being chased by loan sharks?”
“-No! Raina, just listen. I haven’t been able to say one word to you yet, and you’re already creating all these stories,”
“Ok, I’m sorry, I’ll listen now,”
“Your uncle’s ill now- and you know that his job was really important in our pancake shop right?”
“Well, nothing seems to be going right now- there are hardly anymore workers left. We were hanging by a thread of string, even with him here. But now- that string’s broken and we’re falling down a deep dark hole,”
“Wow- that’s dramatic,”
“That’s the point- but let me finish,”

“Getting back on my point, I don’t think our store can carry on any longer if we don’t find any new employees to work here. We’ve already had a few complaints this week about the service- and we might have to close the store-”

“You can’t do that!” I cried.
   The pancake shop my parents owned meant everything to them, and now, I was being told it was all going to go, just by a few words. It seemed unreal, stupid, unfair. I felt angry- no one had the right to take away what we loved doing the most.
“No, no I won’t let you- I’ll find you some workers! I will!”
“Raina, calm down. You’ll still be able to go college and perhaps find another job. But I just don’t think it’ll work. Besides, how likely is it that you’ll find a worker within two weeks from now?”
“It’s possible- I’ll make it possible! But mum, don’t you try discussing your plans with dad until two weeks from now- deal?”
“Fine, deal. But I’m just going to warn you that it’ll only end up with disappointment. We’re going to need 5 more workers- experienced ones.”

“That’s fine with me- you just wait and watch. Sunny Pancake is going to be new and improved.”


The End

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