The third pancake (9/10)Mature

As I got off the bus, I sprinted across the road, hoping that the old man wouldn’t go anywhere too faraway with my purse. Just then, it began to rain. I took an umbrella from my bag, and opened it. The light raindrops which fell, awakened my senses- it had been quite a while in which it rained. I stretched my arms out towards the air, and a few drops landed on my hand. They were cold, but refreshing. The cold wind bit my flesh. I placed my hands into my pockets to regain back the warmth.
    Suddenly, I felt a small vibration on the surface of the skin as I stood at the bus stop, waiting for a bus to take me all the way back. Realising it was my phone; I began to search my pockets. Finally, before the call ended, I quickly answered. I hoped that it was a call from the police station.
   “Raina? Raina…can you please come over?” I heard Hannie’s teary voice ask.
   “Why? What happened?” I asked, hoping that nothing bad had happened, “I’m in a hurry right now…”

   “Please- it’s kind of important…to me,”
   “What is it? Can’t we discuss it on the phone?”
   “No- look, it’s fine if you can’t-”

   “No, no I will, where are you?”



   “So…you’re saying that your boyfriend- who I didn’t even know existed-”

   “-Raina, look, I’m sorry ok? I just thought you would be mad at me,”
   “For what?”
   “Cause I promised that we would stay single together this year- didn’t I?”
   “Yes, you did- but it’s ok, one of us would have to start a relationship now, right?”
   “Really? So you’re not mad at me?”
   “For getting a boyfriend behind my back- no…but for being crackers- yes,” I stiffly replied.
   “Raina, come on, don’t be mad!” she said, as she took my arm and hugged it. I felt my arm become warm…and wet.
   “Hey! Your boggers are getting all other my sleeves!”
   “Sorry!” she said, as she immediately released my arm.

   “Ah- nothing’s going well today,” I sigh, “I lost my purse,”
   “What?! She gasped with hands in front of her mouth, “Have you gone to the police station?”

   “No- but let’s solve your problem first since I’m already here,” I began to push off the ground, swinging lightly on the swing. I looked over at Hannie who slumped on her seat, looking down at the stones. It was lucky that we had chosen to come to the park at this hour. Normally, if we had come too early in the morning- the little kids would’ve greedily taken the swings, and refused to let us have a turn.
   “It’s been a while that I’ve sat on these swings,”
   “Yeah- it’s nice. I feel like a kid again,” she laughs, rocking back and forth, with her feet still stable on the ground.
   “You ok?” I asked, wondering what she was thinking about.
   “Yeah…kinda…no, not really,”

The End

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