The third pancake part 8/10Mature

  Wow that was close!

   “Excuse me miss- you haven’t paid your bus fare yet,” the driver called, banging on the screen to get my attention.
    “Yes, sorry,” I said, as I began to fumble through my bag. I glanced down in my bag, but my purse was not there. I began to search for it, taking items out of my bag. Soon, my phone and my keys were in my hands, as I desperately tried looking for the item. I looked up at the driver with a doubtful expression and he looked back, impatiently. 
    “Sorry- give me a minute,” I said, as I looked in other parts of my bag. Panic spread through me as I realised that I didn’t have it.
  Where could it be?!

   “That old man running just now is quite weird though- he was holding a pink purse- I mean, what kind of guys would have those purses nowadays?” the same woman remarked, laughing to her supposed husband. He laughed back, nodding in agreement.
   pink purse…
   “I’m sorry- did you say, pink purse?” I turn to ask them, hoping I had misheard.

  Mother!He had my purse…that’s why he was trying to get my attention!

   “Could you please stop the bus?” I immediately said , my heart racing. My purse had everything I needed to get me anywhere- my college entrance card, my library card, my credit cards- as well as my bus fee money.
   “Sorry- I can’t stop in the middle of bus journeys,”
   “But where will the bus stop at next?”
   “Bandhill lane,”
   “Isn’t that the last stop?”
   “Yes- diversions are taking place, so I’m afraid I have to take a different route,”
   “Please, please sir- I really need to get off,”
   “I’m sorry- I can’t risk my job,”

I looked around, trying to look for a way off the bus. Suddenly, the bus stopped, causing me to lose my balance a little. However, I managed to remain standing up by grabbing onto a surface. The bus was motionless, waiting for the red lights to change.

   Come on- I’m never going to find that old man at this rate!

Suddenly, I saw my escape. Right there, the red button that said underneath ‘for emergencies only’
  That was perfect- an emergency. It was my chance- if I didn’t get off now- how long would I have to wait before the next set of traffic lights?

I walked up to the exit door, stretching up to press the button. The doors flung open as everyone’s attention became fixed on me. I quickly got off.
“Sorry driver!” I yelled before the traffic lights became green and I headed for the next bus stop.

The End

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