The third pancake part 7/10Mature

   “Oh my child, you’ve done absolutely brilliantly today- come here,” she said, as she stretched her arms out, approaching me to hug.
   “Erm- have to go,” I quickly spoke, dodging out of mum’s arms.
   “Where?” I heard Dad ask.
  “I’ll be back by 8:00!” I yelled, whilst flinging off the apron and putting on a warm coat. I quickly closed the door behind me.
    I sighed after taking the first step out of the house. Fresh air was always the thing you had to have first after a long day. I looked at the time, ‘4:30’ it read. A long time to go before returning home.
    I looked down at my wretched shoes, my torn socks and my old skirt I was wearing- not to mention my long hair that needed cutting. Pulling out a small notepad from my Jacket Pocket, I began to make a list of all the things I needed to buy. Once I finally finished- I noticed how long the note was.
   ‘Where am I going to find all this money?’

I sighed angrily, kicking a bin with my right foot carelessly, though I should’ve saw it coming when it crashed to the floor, and the contents spilled everywhere.

   “Ah,” I cursed under my breath.
  ‘Why did it have to fall over?’

I kneeled down, examining the rubbish scattered across the floor. Banana peels and unfinished lunches oozed on the ground, making me feel nauseous.
  ‘This won’t do’

I looked up, examining to see if anyone had seen me knock it over. No one- not a single person was in sight…well, apart from a small black dog chained next to a tree. I stood up cautiously, slowly stepping away from the bin. Finally, I was far away enough from it to turn away and walk off. Placing my hands in my pockets, I began to whistle casually as I made my way away. Just then, I heard someone shout.
    “Hey, Excuse me?”
I turned around. An old man looked at me, beckoning me to come over.
   “Crap,” I muttered and began to run as I saw the bus waiting at the bus stop. He must’ve seen me kick the bin…
   “Hey-lady! You left-”

A bus pulled over and I quickly got on, without listening to the last of his words. I breathed with relief as the doors began to close- if anyone had caught me- I would probably have to pay a fine- and with mum and dad’s money problems, that would’ve been barely possible. The bus started to load and the same old man came up to the bus and banged heavily on the door.
   “Hey- I need to talk to that lady!” he said, breathing heavily as he looked at me.
Luckily, the driver did not hear and began to drive away. I looked up at the mirror to see if he had gone- but he began chasing after the bus.
   Ah, what does he want? I really would’ve paid the fine- but I don’t have enough money.

I slouched against a pole handle on the bus, and felt someone tap my arm. I turned around and saw a young couple, who were sitting down, smiling at me.
   “Sorry, but do you know him?” the young woman asked me, looking at that old man running after the bus.

   “Um…n-no- I don’t,”
   “Oh- seems like he’s after you,”
   “Oh…maybe he got the wrong person…” I lied, hopefully not seeming obvious. I looked up at the mirror, noticing that he had stopped running. Instead, he looked disappointedly at me, whilst breathing heavily trying to get his breath back. And that was the last I saw of him.  

The End

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