The third pancake part 4/10Mature

   “Thank you,” I whisper over to Yen whilst heading back to our seats. She nods in my direction, to show that she’s very welcome.
   “Raina, just because you’ve finished with your presentation, doesn’t mean that you can talk over others,” Miss Tock manages to argue again, as I squeeze into my seat.
   “I’m sorry,” I say, apologising for the thousandth time.

   “You’re really good..,” I say, “You’re a new student here?”
   “Yeah, transferred here just a few weeks ago,” she says, though it’s quite obvious, seeing as she seems new to all the things going on at school.
   “Really? Whereabouts? Up north? Down south?”


America?! Seriously?!

  “America? Why didn’t you stay there? It’s much better than this place!”
   “Spending money, and partying all night? I think it’s much nicer here,”
   “It’s quiet here,”

   “Yeah, so much quieter,” she says, smiling again, looking down this time whilst fiddling with her hands.
  “So, are you here alone?”
   “Nah, I came here because of my brother. My parents made him move here, so I came along. Might as well make the most of studying design anyway.”
  “Your brother comes to this school as well?”
  “Yeah- he’s doing bakery studies,”
  “Really? I do too- I don’t think I’ve met him yet,”

  “Oh don’t worry; you won’t miss my brother,”
I laughed. He was probably just as nice as she was.




   “Raina! Raina,” a voice shouted. I rolled around in bed, trying to get back to sleep.
   “Raina? Come on, get up!”
This time, it was accompanied by the knock of a door. I could tell it was mum’s voice- seemed desperate.
   “You’ve overslept! It’s 2pm now- customers are flooding in. Your uncle rang up ill, so you’re going to have to help a bit,”
   “What? Can’t I just sleep a little bit longer?”
   “Ah- fine,” I said, stretching and slowly getting out of bed. I reached for the headband I left on the table and put it on my head.  I ran downstairs and flung open the door. Unexpectedly, the number of people grew on me.
   “Why are there so many people today?”
   “Oh- come in the kitchen with me, I’ll explain.”

The End

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