The third pancake part 3/10Mature

I notice that everyone around us talking about a PowerPoint, and realise that I must’ve been daydreaming.

   “Right- let’s start,”
She gets up from her seat, and moves it closer towards mine. I can smell her leather jacket, and the overwhelming use of perfume. I look at her again- she seemed like one of those business women who could go around, and have lunch at good restaurants like ‘EAT.’
   “So if you do the presentation, and I do the research,” she says, flicking through a book which she takes from the shelf she’s sitting in front of.
  “Erm…Yenny…can I call you that?”
  “Most people call me Yen, but yeah?”
   “Oh sorry. Ok, Yen. This is really embarrassing…but I don’t know what we’re doing…”

   “We’re making a presentation on the design of a product,” she says, still flicking through her book.
   “Oh,” Is all I say, looking at everyone else. I try to understand what they’re doing- but none of the information occurs to me.
   “What bit don’t you get?” She immediately says after, like a dog to a stick.
   “Look here,” she begins- and soon enough, she explains everything in detail, as if it were the back of her hand. She goes through Miss Tock’s notes, and everything suddenly seems clear.

   “Oh…it’s all very simple,”
   “Come on, let’s get cracking,” She smiles- as she does a lot.

Before we know it, our names are called up. I stand beside the computer, directing the PowerPoint, and Yen offers to do the presentation. As she starts speaking, the whole room goes quiet- most of the guy’s mouths are hanging wide open, and the other girls are staring at jealousy. Sometimes- especially times like this, I wonder whether they are in awe at her beauty, or her intelligence.
   “This medium-sized lunchbox is what I think would be best for a child to eat in. It comes in a circle shape which is unique to all other lunchboxes, and its lid has a cute feature to it. The goggle eyes on the lid are sure to capture a child’s heart. Unlike most lunchboxes- its unique selling point is the fact that it has two layers which isn’t so distinctive- but is useful to most guardians, since they won’t have trouble finding space to pack food in. The only thing it cannot store is water bottles- however, the advantage is that it won’t be so heavy to carry- or the thought of the clumsiness of the child may get it wet,”
   Everybody laughed, and even Miss Tock smiled (which technically never happens). I stare at her with relief…but also with astonishment- how on earth had she managed to that all herself?!”
   “Well done Yen…but Raina- you didn’t say anything. Surely you have something to say about the product?”

   “-Forgive her miss, she did most of the PowerPoint, but she was too shy to present her own ideas,”
   “Okay- fair enough. I think you guys would be happy to know that you both passed with an A plus grade. Well done for your hard work!”
   “Yes!” Yen said, grabbing the air with her fist. She turned to look at me, and quickly did a small wink.

The End

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