The third pancake part 1/10Mature

   “Raina…get down here…right now,” Hannie commands, hearing sounds of presence in her house.
I look down at her, twenty feet above the ground…she was really crazy, she must be really crazy.
   “Like now, now?”
   “Yes…now!” She screeches.
I climb down the branches of the tree, as fast as each second stroke. My sweaty palms made each grip seem weaker, as I tumbled down the tree, my feet going one after the other. My heart pounded loudly in my chest, making me reminisce the sound of rocks, falling down a waterfall. I knew I was in deep trouble, if I didn’t get down in time. And Hannie would be also.
   “Hannie…is that you?” I heard her mum ask. Her voice was followed by the sound  of rough floorboards, creaking noisily.
   “She’s coming up!” I whisper, panicking.
   “Hurry up, Raina!” Hannie rushes me, beckoning me to climb faster.

Finally, I’m able to grab the last branch, and jump off just in time. Hannie grabs my arm, and we head behind a series of trees, which run vertically along a pathway.
    “She’s gone,” I heard Hannie say, breathing heavily. We look at each other, and burst into laughter.
    “That was a close one,” I say, sweating heavily. If she made me do anything this nerve wracking, I wouldn’t go through it all again.
    “You’re crazy, you know that?” I manage to say between my breaths.
   “Good crazy, right?”
I laugh, resting my head against the bark of the tree, looking up at the blue clear sky.
   “What you gonna do about it now?” I ask her, after regaining back the circumstances of the situation.
   “I don’t know…” she sighs, rolling her head over to look at me, “What should I do, Raina?”
   “Stop taekwondo…stop doing it,”
   “Are you mad?! It’s my life…what would you do if you had to give up bakery?”
   “I…I’m not sure either- not sure if I’d have anything to look forward to,”
   “Exactly my point,”
We stop for a minute, whilst regaining our voices and our heartbeats. I breathe the air that gently brushes past our faces. Suddenly, I realise that sky’s still standing there, arms crossed, and looking at us from above.
   “Let’s go,” I say, looking at him, straight in the eye.
   “Go where?”
   “Back home,”

   “Raina..I’m standing outside my house…”
   “…oh…yeah, that,” I say, looking like a complete idiot.
Well done Raina, very well done.

The End

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