The second pancake part 5/5Mature

    “Ah...crap! Help!”  I screamed before falling off and landing right onto my backside. My trousers were all covered in mud and my palms ached as I tried to position myself up straight.
   “Ouch! Why didn’t you catch me?”
   “You’d probably kill me if I were to catch you!”
   “You know I’m only just kidding...right?”
She sighed, “ how are we going to do this?”
   “Wow...this looks kind of stupid...” I muttered to Hannie, hoping she would change her mind. I began brushing the bits of grass off my trousers.
   “And so it is,”
   “Hannie...enough of you teasing me okay? I’ve already got mud all on the back of my trousers, and I still have an essay to write after school today. But here I am, trying to steal keys. I thought you said you’d stop contradicting me now- whhh...?!” I screamed, without finishing off my word.
I saw his face again. The person who I feared most would appear in my life again, was standing at the window looking down at me.
   “You, you-Bastard! What on earth are you doing up there?” I asked, hoping that what he was about to say, was not what I was hoping he was not going to say.
   “It’s my house...why? Shocked?”
   “Seriously...why is it whenever I talk to you, I always have to repeat what I say?”
   “Stop making jokes and get out of that house- who let you in...are you robbing the house?” I gasped, trying to get a grip of the situation.
   “Are you really that dumb?! I just said that I live here! Have you got a problem with that?”
   “Yeah-stop making up nonsense!”
   “Raina...” Hannie muttered, “There was a renovation last three weeks ago for the person moving in remember?”
   “You said?” I whispered back, hoping he wouldn’t overhear.
   “Who is that Raina...?” Hannie asked suddenly out of the blue, making me jump. I darted a stare at her, hoping to give the impression that he was the sort of someone you’d meet...and never wanted to meet again.
   “Your friend asked who I was...aren’t you going to tell her?” he said, smiling his agonising face that made me want to go up there and punch him.
    “Oh, just a jerk that doesn’t have any manners,”
She snorted loudly, and I was glad she did for the first time. An offended expression crossed his face…
   Bonus! First point goes to me for annoying him.
   “Hey,” Hannie nudged me, before pushing me down with her shoulders, so that my ear was in level with her mouth. She whispered to me, “but don’t you think he’s quite good looking?”
   “A man with no manners nor personality is nothing, why don’t you have him?”
   “Okay,” she smiled at me.
At that moment, I thought she was joking. But as I’ve come to realise, she never is.
   “Hey!” She yelled, waving her arms to get his attention.
I quickly covered her mouth so she could speak no more to him. He started at us in confusion.
   “Hannie...don’t’ve got the complete wrong guy, he won’t do anything for really deserve someone better,”
   “Hey- you’re just saying that because you don’t want me to be with him right?”
   “What? No!”
She looked at me if I had some deep dark secret hidden from her.
   “Look Hannie- he is definitely the last person that you would want to be with, even for one minute!”

   Only after a few seconds, did we realise that we still had to get Hannie’s kit before anything else. We exchanged glances. Suddenly, we got out of our seats and carried on plotting the plan, as if nothing had happened at all.
   “Right, you try climbing that tree again, and I’ll check to see if there’s any signs of them,” she spoke, confidently, like if nothing could possibly go wrong.
   “But why can’t you just get in through the front door, and take the keys from their room?” I questioned, wondering why I hadn’t asked the same thing before.
   “That’s because mum and dad have locked their rooms- they always do that before they go out. They’re worried that burglars will break through the front and take all their stuff…”

   “-And yet, they didn’t seem to think about the fact that the burglars could just as easily get into the house through the back door?”

Hannie shrugged mindlessly- concentrating more on the amount of time we had left.
  “Raina,” she said, looking at her watch, “you go climb that tree now,”
  “Ok,” I replied, knowing I had no choice.
One foot after the other, I quickly reached the top in no time. All I had to do now was bring my foot over the bridge of the gate, and pull myself over.

  “Raina…you okay?” Hannie asked, noticing I had abruptly stopped in mid air.
  “Hang on, give me a second…” I said, trying to get my breath back.
  “Dear dear- look at you. I’m really going to have to give you some fitness training when we get back,”
  “Just give me a sec,” I said, quickly taking two more breaths as I pulled myself over. I was finally on the landing, and all I needed was to break into the room, and take the keys.
  “Right, Raina…do you see a window?” Hannie called. 

  “Errr,” I hesitated, whilst looking round. Finally I had spotted it, “Yes!”
  “Ok, slide it open,”
I did as I was told, being careful not to make too much noise to attract attention from unwanted guests.

  “Raina…” Hannie cried. I could tell immediately by the seriousness of her voice that she was going to say something bad.
  “Don’t tell me…”
  “My parents are home.”

The End

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