The second pancake part 4/5Mature

   “What?! Hannie, are you crazy?! How are you going to do it with the state of your hand?!”
   “Don’t worry- I have that covered…but I just can’t wait. I’m starting next week…and I need to get all my kit out of my old cupboard without my parents knowing…so any tips on how I’m going to do that?”
   “Don’t be silly- how are you going to do that? They’ve locked the cupboard with keys that are probably with their other keys…so how are you going to get that?”
   “That’s why I’ve asked you to help me…come on!”
   “Mmm…I don’t think it is a good idea…”
   “Oh come on Raina…you’re supposed to be my friend!”

   “I know, I know…”
   “Well…are you coming?”
   “We’ll have to think of a plan first,”
   “We don’t need one! We need to do something practical…something that would really work.
  “Hey- this does not include me going into your parent’s room to steal anything…does it?”
   “Only just…but better…”









To be honest- it’s not relatively normal to find two nineteen year old kids, fully mature, breaking into their best friend’s house, by climbing up a tree to get through the window. Nor is it normal for someone like me to agree to this crazy idea from an insane friend... Yes- as crazy as it was- I was made to do it...because that’s just how Hannie is . Once she’s got an idea, she forces you to go with it, no matter how dangerous or what consequences there will be to face.
   “ your left foot onto the lower trunk!”
   “What? Why?!”
   “So you can get onto the higher one...obviously!”
    “No! I really can’t do this...”
    “Oh come on- you’re not that much of a chicken are you? Besides- you’re nearly there!”
    “I’m afraid of heights...and you know that!”
    “Oh...just listen, don’t look at me!”
    “Too late...ah, shit...I really can’t do this!”
    “Argh, we’re never going to make it before my parents if you’re going at this rate!”
    “ we really have to do this?”
I closed my eyes and reached for another branch. Just as I was going to put my foot on another branch- my soles of my shoes lost grip, and I was slipping…

The End

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