The second pancake part 3/5Mature

I waited around for Hannie so I could tell her about my first school day after the holidays…but she didn’t come. I stood around at the lockers, hoping that she’d appear soon, as she always did whenever it was the end of school. I decided to wait a little while longer anyway, with the hope that she did not already leave.

   But that curiosity did not last very long. I heard her run up to me, grabbing me on my soldiers, whilst bringing herself over me.
   “Raina!” she laughed, whilst being piggy-backed…by me…
   “Hannie, get off! My shoulders are hurting!”
   “Oh, sorry!”
She got off, smiling as she did so. She swung her bag over her shoulders, smiling as she did so. She looked at me, smiling as she did so.
   “Don’t do that…”
   “Do what?”
   “Smile at everything you’re doing…in that creepy way.”
   “What? Am I smiling now?”
   “Yes, Hannie. You’re smiling…a lot.”

   “Ah, sorry...” she said, smiling.

   “So what happened?” I asked.

   “Do you really want to know?”
   “Course I do…wait, it’s not another guy this time…is it?!”
   “Wait, no no no no no.... It’s not,”
   “You just plotted against an ex?”
   “You just pranked someone’s locker,”

   “The martial arts club have finally accepted me in the audition!”

The End

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