The second pancake part 2/5Mature

“Right…you do all the work, I can’t be bothered to do such lame things in my precious time,”

“What?” I said, hoping I was mistaken and that it was only out of my imagination.

“Are you deaf- or just clearly stupid?”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m telling you to do the work woman- what part of that do you not understand?”

“Oh my…are you being serious?” I said, ripping the hat off my head and throwing it to the table. I breathed heavily, holding my fist high in the air.

He looked at me, leaning backwards with his eyes wide open.

“Is that a way to talk to someone? Say what you want? Hey- ‘just do all the work whilst I sit here and enjoy my day?’ Is it, is it?!” I shouted and poked at him, seconds later whacking him and lastly punching.

Indeed, I shall now tell you that it was only my imagination, and that it was only my dream of beating the guy. But yes, unfortunately, being the pushover, I could only say ‘yes’ and do what I was told. Unfortunately, that was the worst mistake, because not only having been told what to do. I was now getting told off for it.


“Raina, miss. “

“Ahh...what is it your doing exactly?”

“I’m doing what you asked us to do…”

“And what is that exactly?”

“Remaking the apple crumble you showed us in the demonstration?”

“Yes…but in a pair- not by yourself.”

“Well miss, it’s not that…it’s just-“

“Ok- can’t you just share the work with Sky…he has to learn too,”

“But he said-”

“What did he say? And please don’t refer to your classmates as ‘he’ or ‘she’. Call

them by their names please,”

‘Sky…so that was the name of the rude bastard’I thought.

    “Erm… yes miss,” I said…not bothering to explain to her that in truth- I was the

actual victim here. Especially when your new cookery teacher is some arrogant

woman who only backs up ‘the good looking’. Besides, I don’t think she’d believe

me anyway. I turned around to face him after she left to talk to another group, and

all he did was smirk.

“Got told off for the first time miss goody?”

Though I tried my hardest to hold all my anger in- I just could not stop clenching my fists. All I wanted to do was the crush the guy. My teeth gritted together and my hands began to shake and clench even more. Without realising, I had ripped the piece of dough in half that we were supposed to be using.

I looked up after hearing a gasp, and saw the face of a pale lady with her mouth hanging wide open.

“Raina! Please stand outside!” she scolded when she had seen what I had done.

For the rest of that period, I stood outside, looking down at my worn out shoes. To be fair, if I had really become that annoyed at him- I would’ve cut out his tongue and fried it (just kidding…but seriously).

I peered through the small window in the door to see what that jerk was doing. And for some reason…I could not see him. I looked from wall to wall and no sign of him. Eventually…when the teacher noticed that I was distracting my classmates, she darted her stare at me again so that I would turn away. However, that would not keep me from finding that insolent child.

Moments later when I was sure she wouldn’t look at me, I peered through the window again. However, unexpectedly, a face jumped at me from the opposite side of the glass.

“Aaaahhhh!” I shrieked, quickly putting a hand to my mouth to stop myself from screaming to the shock that nearly killed me. I lay on the wall, quickly trying to get my breath back. It was only moments later till I realised that it was the face of the evil bastard. The door then opened, and he strolled out as if nothing happened.

“You!” I said to stop him before he walked past me. But he carried on walking as if he heard nothing.

“Hey! You bastard!”

He stopped dead in his tracks with his hands in his pockets, and that made me gulp. Without turning round to face me, he said

“What did you just call me?”

“Are you deaf…or are you just dumb?”

“Hey…if you’re playing my own jokes on me… I will-”

“What are you going to do about it? You have nothing so highly about you anyway.

people like you just eat and sleep and don’t even care about their own education,”

    “People like me?” He said, coming toward me, closer and closer as I spoke.
    “Yes- Bastards like you!”

“Bastards?” He asked in disbelief, laughing it off, “Then what are you? You’re just a little commoner who has no property, status, or looks,”

 He laughed in my face and smirked again, “Do you think you have more property than me?”
    “What are you seriously talking about?”
    “I said, do you have more property than me? Do you have more land? Do you have more money?”
    “What does that have anything to do with what we’re talking about?!”

 “And what did you call me? A bastard?” he laughed, and leaned right close to me against the wall. I tried to escape from him, but he placed his arms on each side of me, making me feel trapped.

“Yes- a b-a-s-t-a-r-d,” I said spitting into his face.

“You’re going to regret that,” he said, wiping it off in disgust.
I wished that his annoying smile would wipe off with his hand too.
Before realising, the teacher came out of the room, staring at us in confusion.

“You lot, what happened?” she asked.  

“Nothing,” I said, pushing him off me, as he fell into the opposite wall. I rushed into the classroom, hoping I would never see him again.


“I hoped you all learned something good today- and I hope that some of you,” she said, darting her eyes at me, “Learn to get along with each other. Very well, that’s me done. Class dismissed,”

As everyone got up to leave, I quickly stuffed my diary into my bag before heading towards the door. I reached for the doorknob, and just about when I was about to turn it, she stopped me again.

“Raina…could you come over here please,”

I turned around, and plopped myself onto a seat in the front row.

“I hope you’ve learnt a very good lesson today- that we should all respect our peers…no matter who they are and what they do…we have to accept them for who they are,”

“But I’ve already told you- it wasn’t me who was doing the disrespecting!”

“I don’t believe that…you know too well about the school here. Sky couldn’t be much of trouble- he’s only just transferred here 2 weeks ago and school life’s been pretty tough on him,”

‘Yeah- that’s a good excuse to use,’I thought as I imagined sky to be acting sickly innocent in front of her face.

“Ok- that’s all I’ve got time for- you better start going home now- and get some good night rest as well as thinking about what you did in the morning,”

“Ok…” I said, not bothering to repeat what I had said a few minutes ago.

The End

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