Happy Pancake!Mature

Raina, an 18 year old naive and passionate girl, grew up happily with her parents who own a pancake business. Additionally, with the intention of taking over the business in a few years time, she goes to university to study cookery. However, she hides the dream of working in the KIC (a famous dessert company in France) from her parents and her best friend Hannie. 
As her second year begins, some problems start to arise. The biggest problem of all- Sky, a new transfer student who has come from America after being forced by his Dad to get a 'taste of life'.
Being that- not only do they hate each other after their first accountancy, she soon finds out that his Dad is the CEO of the KIC . Shocked, she tries to get on good terms with him no matter how annoyingly painful it is.
Having done all she could, she finally gives up, knowing that because they are on such bad terms with each other, she is never going to get the job of her dreams.
But however- it suddenly turns upside down when their pancake shop goes downhill because of bad service. Her parents then suffer economically, trying to get more workers.
However, one day out of the blue, she gets a phone call from someone about trying to find work in her area. Happy, she tells her parents about it and prepares to give a full interview with the new worker. Only when she realizes that that person is actually...

The End

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