Happy Ever After

Just a poem that I wrote one day.
It's kind of sappy, and not usually what I write but I took a chance and I think it turned out pretty well.

Once upon a time,

To far far away

Where magic always happens

And there are dragons to slay


Where a prince and a princess

Live in castles on clouds

And anything can happen

If you dream it out loud.


She was a girl, with hair made of gold

He was a pauper who told stories of old

A girl with some money, some fame and some fortune

A boy with some dreams as big as the ocean.


One day he knelt down, onto one knee

Pulled out a ring and asked, “Marry me?”

She cried a tear, and smiled so bright

And then they were wed on a star filled night


Their families laughed when they heard the news

How would it ever work with those two?

They didn’t like what they had done

But nothing could stop these two fools in love


They left one night,

And hit the road running

To a land far away

That was surrounded by country


Just two crazy kids

With a love for each other

Nothings too hard

If they just have each other

The End

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