Happy Birthday, Mad Hatter.Mature


This is quite intense and it is based upon a sexual experience I had which was a birthday present for my 16th birthday at the beginning of 2009. It really is something private but I thought I would share it with you to make it poetic and somewhat beautiful. It's not really beautiful. I don't know what to call it. Just don't judge me on this. It's Alice in Wonderland themed. The identity of the person I did this with is staying entirely secret because they want to be kep

Sizzle. Burn.
Poke into the darkness with that pointy tongue,
Touch it to mine and I can taste the scolding scent,
The fire has been put out. Sizzle. Bittersweet whisper-
Burn. Passion roars and gripping happens,
New secrets are being hissed,
This is how you make me scream.
Bite me here. On the neck.
Shuddering whispers,
That's my weak spot.
Wearing conventional striped socks and a top hat,
The mad hatter loses himself in a bittersweet wonderland.
Happy Birthday. Silence. Whispers. Hiss.

Shattered dreams happened in this bed,
Crying happened upon the queen's throne,
Your hair, purple glare. Sprawled across the damp, torn pillow,
Now we question; who wants to dominate this cold evening?
Lips part and breathing races itself against the clock.
Shhh, now.
Jumping with each other upon the checkered tiles,
Mirrors, cats and all things lonely, broken clocks and portraits,
Fantasy, castles and romantic dances. Fake, we whisper. Fake.
This is the reality we have dreamed of for so long,
Now let us turn off the light, my sweet,
Block out the main sense and see where we can go together.
Outline our shadows and become one,
Hearts throbbing. King and Queen.

Sudden outburst. I had the throne now.
Go on, hiss in my ear and straddle my ragdoll body!
Throw me around. Bite my lip and make it bleed!
Tug. Grip. Burn. Sizzle. Breathe.
Silence. You whisper in my ear...
Don’t be shy, small pixie, work your magic on me.

Grip. Breathe. Pant. Sweat. Burn,
Oh how I yearn.
Blood tainted,
Lust painted.
Passion on the bed,

The End

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