Happy Birthday Honey!

No Matter how weird or funny or even boring ur partner is u end up loving him/her with all their imperfections!

Honey its your birthday today,

So Lemme tell you what I'd never say.

When I come back from work at night,

I break my bones when you hug me so tight.

After an exhaustive day  at office,

My hunger fades when I taste your dish.

The way you apply make up,

You look like a fool,

It reminds me of my girlfriends at school.

When i feel romantic and bring a wine,

Then the way you make love makes me divine.

On weekends its me who cleans the entire house,

When I take you out for shopping you choose the worst blouse,

When you flirt with my friends at parties,

I never feel insecure,

Coz next day when I meet them at work they tell me,

"Your wife is such a bore".

When you misplace my things at home,

I feel like breaking your head,

Though when I find it in my office,

I think about my temper and regret.

Today is a special day for you,

I know I am a jerk but I wanted to be true.

I cherish all the problems that I share with you,

But what matters the most is that I love you!

Now before u scowl at me and say,"It wasn't funny",

I just wanna tell you "Happy birthday Honey!"

The End

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