Happy 1st year on Protagonize, from some of our characters and your friend Fitzy

The room was bare, lifeless, decaying from love…it was perfect setting. The blot within the door moved allowing the once grand door to open with a creek and the group entered slowly.

After assessing the situation one of them spoke, “we’ve got our work cut out for us.”

“Oh so the Hilton was fully booked,” another commented crossing his arms.

“With your speedy legs it will be done in half the time,” the smallest of the group said rolling up her sleeves.

“With a flick of your wrist everything could be finished,” the male replied with a snarky tone, which soon dried up when he felt the cool blade against his throat.

“And with a flick of mine you will be finished,” the cool female voice said with confidence that made the male raise his eyebrow with interest.

A hand appeared on the female shoulder, her gaze softened slightly and she lowered her blade.

“Apologises,” the male said smiling.

“Wow why don’t you ever say that in our story?” A new female voice came into the room carrying bags.

“You wouldn’t recognise me.”

“Enough everyone, we need to get started and I have worked out tasks for each of us to do,” the girl with fierily hair stepped to the front holding her clipboard in the air. “Now if you could all gather round.”

The group moved in, three males appeared carrying boxes two would mistake for twins and other was held wildness within his grey stormy eyes. The girls unloaded the bags with thrills of joy and talking in a language no male could understand…well all but one.

“Honey, don’t even think about using rosy red and lush green, this is not a Christmas party.” The male seemed in shock and dashed over to the bag almost danced in delight, “uses these decorations.”

“Is he for real?” Two guys stood off the side assembling tables.

“Ooo yes, I’ve known him all my life and he’s always been the same,” the guy with stormy wild eyes said thinking about his best pal. “Hey nice tats by the way I bet that pulls in the ladies.”

“Thanks and there’s only one lady for me,” his eyes look across the room and find a girl leaning over a table painting.

The room was alive once again with activity, newcomers arrived bringing food for the feast that was to become later that night and all the while chatter filled the air. Then it was time for the main event, everyone dashed off to change and soon gathered carrying on last minute checks.

Four of the same gathered in middle, holding hands, the youngest of the unique group felt nervous yet knew this was her big moment.

“Pull her into the dream sister we will help you,” her sister said as her dragon appeared on her shoulder.   

The unique group chanted their power creating the spell that would bring their dear friend and creator into a dream that they will never forget.

The spell was complete.

The lights were off.

“Ouch that was my foot,” one of the group whispered.

“Shh someone is coming.”

“Is it her?”

“I don’t know her scent!”


The creek of the door opened, “some dream, what is going on?”

Lights dazzled the room, glasses where raised in the air and everyone shouted;


The End

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