Say, wasn’t that a funny day? I think to myself as I skip to the old wooden door.

The paint is peeling and the wood is rotting but I push it open gently, a huge smile on my face. The door is never locked. There was no point to it, we had decided when we bought the small shack we liked to call our home.

The morning sun shines on my back and warms through me and the warmth reminds me of Adam’s arms around me. I hop and leap across the room, the floorboards creaking heavily but nothing can dampen my mood. I am all alone as I joyfully jog around the house, jumping every so often.

“Adam!” My soft voice calls him.

I hear someone upstairs and I know it’s him. I laugh and run up the grimy stairs. We had always meant to clean the place up a bit, but it was our home now and we couldn’t bear to change it. The grime was really hurting anyone.

My knee-length dress flows out behind me as I climb the stairs, still laughing.

I whirl as I reach the top and burst into our bedroom, which has no door. No one ever visited; we never really had any use for doors.

“Ella.” Adam sighs, beaming and I fall into his arms. We stand there for a few moments, giggling.

I breathe in his scent from his tight black vest. The smell of Lynx wafted off him gently. I sniffed in the aroma and it tickled my nose.

“Where have you been?” He breaks away from me but keeps his warming hands on my bare arms. I look him in the eyes. His calm blue eyes mixed with almost worry. I hadn’t told him where I had been. I look then to the window, the sun creating light spaces on the carpet we had tried to put down. 

“Just out... walking.” He nods and smiles again and we embrace each other. 

The End

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