It was a time of peace and happiness, it was a time when the holy line of Adam was still alive. The elderly now crippled Adam was to be taken by the angel Gabriel. As the Gabriel came down he said to the Adam, "Let thy take you to the world of the almighty white light, the place of Yurdana where the Tree of Life shines like no other."

"Let thy not go to thy place of Yurdana for thou has committed to much sin and has shed too much blood, take thy son Seth with you instead as his heart is more pure than thy self." Said the eve raging and fragile Adam.

So the angel Gabriel went back to the place of Yurdana and talked to the Almighty White Light who said in a voice more powerful than the explosion the sun would emmit if it burned, "Go to Adam's son Seth and tell him and bring up to here."


The End

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