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The door was about to give. She lifted the lid off the cistern and tryed to smash it through the window but it was too heavy and the windows were doubled glazed.

He kicked the door again and splinters of wood flew through the air.

She put one foot on the toilet and one on the sink and hauled her petite frame up onto the ledge and tryed to squeeze out the small slit of a window. She got one leg out and half her body through when the door broke open, she slid down some more and felt a hand on her foot just as she dropped but her foot slipped through his hand like a bar of soap and she dropped down onto the flat roof of the kitchen. 

She looked back up at his searching hands patting around the window trying to find her body.

She stood up and walked over to the edge and looked over, it was a good twelve foot drop to the garden below. She had no choice he had gone through into the bedroom and was going through a bunch of keys at the window trying to open it.

She draped herself over the edge untill she was hanging by her fingers then released her grip and dropped onto the grass below, falling heavy on her ankle. Crawling on all fours she made it into the garden shed and searched wildly for a weapon.

In a large tool box she found a chain saw but struggled to lift it out. She pulled on the cord to start it but it was too stiff, lifting out a small axe she crept in behind the door. She peered through the small gap above the hinge but couldn't see him at the window.

The shed door opened slowly she readied herself with the axe raiseing it above her head and to the right.The door inched open some more. She waited, ready to swing. A small head looked around the corner and started to lick her ankles.

"Sally" picking up the dog she opened the door and moved slowly through into the garden.

All the garden flood lights went out along with every light in the house. The siloutte of the back wall was barely visibly as she felt her way towards it. The back door of the house made that unmistakeable sound and a bolt of fear shot through every cell in her body. Her hand bumped into a tree and she slipped around the back of it. The dog barked and jumped out of her arms and dissapeared into the darkness barking aggressively, he shot towards the back door and then suddenly fell silent.

All she could think of was her daughter Amy. She reached up and felt a branch and started to climb into the darkness, the branches cold and wet in the night air. Her visability got better as she got higher. There was a thumping sound a couple of feet away and she looked down to see Sally's small body limp and lifeless on the grass with her head twisted at an unnatural angle. 

Her hand went up to her mouth and she started to shake with fear. Her foot gave way on the wet branche and she slipped, she hit her back of another and tumbled over backwards and landed on her right shoulder.

His hands were around her neck in seconds, squeezing the life from her.

"Why you bitch why?"

She clawded at his hands but he was too strong she could feel herself slipping, even the panic stopped. A sense of calm swept through her even though she knew she was being strangled, her vision blurred and her eyes slowly closed.



She awoke bound and gagged to a chair in the middle of her kitchen, the metalic taste of blood in her mouth made her gag and she started to cough.

She pulled at her wrists but the tape was so tight her hands were numb. There was a noise on the stairs, she recognised his gait. He walked in and punched her straight in the face. The chair tumbled backwards and she hit her head hard on the tiled floor. He lifted her back upright.

"Why?" he sobbed.

"How could you" he broke down in tears and slumped onto the floor.

"I did it for her" she said

"I did everything for her"

"And if you didn't stop me I would be with her right now " She spat a mixture of blood and spit in his face.

"Look at you, you were always weak Frank"

She could feel pins and needles in her hands and noticed that the fall had loosened the tape. She tried to pull on the tape but she wasn't strong enough, the chemotherapy had left her ravaged. She had no hair anywhere on her body, her once beautifull, plump face was sunken and thin. Both her breasts had been removed but it was for nothing. She was on borrowed time.

"Why?" he kept saying over and over.

"Because I would never leave her with you"

"I loved her" he screamed. 

"You shunned her from the moment she was born"

"I couldn't cope"

"She was differant"

"I learned how to love her"

She questioned his late arrival of fatherhood when all those years he never bonded with Amy. He was spending more time with her, he even started to bring her to the special olympics trials but she was deeply suspicious he'd become withdrawn and introverted and spent all his time at the computer in the spare room. The week he was arrested was the week she found out she had cancer.

She managed to slip her wrist through the tape but held it in the same position. She knew he had a hand gun from the gun club but she couldnt tell if he had it concealed on his body, he was heavier now than ever.


"How could you, you bitch she was our only child?"

He drew out and smacked her hard with the back of his hand and she hit the ground once more. He dissappeared out the door and she could hear him go upstairs. She managed to free both her hands and her feet and crawled over to the drawers and took out a large kitchen knife.

She lay back in the same position just as he was coming down the stairs.

He walked straight up to her and pushed the gun into her face. At the same time she drove the knife deep into his leg just above the knee.

She jumped up but he had the gun trained on her.

"You fucking bitch"

"I'm gonna fucking kill you"

"Go ahead kill me"


She grabbed the barrel of the gun and pushed it hard into her own forehead with both hands.

"Do it" She screamed.


"DO IT" 


The gun went off and she dropped to the floor with a small purple hole in the middle of her forehead. Her arm rose up stiff and her leg jerked violently as she went through the death throes. He stood there staring, untill she eventualy went limp.

The gun dropped from his hand, a small pool of blood had gathered around his right foot.

He turned and limped back upstairs to the bathroom where Amy was. He opend the broken splintered door slowly until the bath and then her body came into view and he stopped. 

Her lips were blue, her round Mongolian features were even more pronounced from the swelling, her hair floating around her head like a halo.

He picked her up and held her, pushing her wet hair back on her forehead he kissed her and rocked her body in his chest. She was still warm.


He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror then made his way into the spareroom and took out the small box that she had found. He removed the letter and began to read it for the last time.







                                      An Garda Schiachona




To.........Frank Davis


You have been hereby summons before the Dublin district court #3 on the 21th of March 2009 at 11:00AM, to answer the charges laid out below under the PROTECTION OF CHRILDRENS ACT 2004 that you Frank Davis did have on his possesion on the 4th of May 2005 child pornograpy.


Charge #1

That you Frank Davis had  possession of child pornograpy on the 4th of May 2005.


Charge #2

That you Frank Davis had possession of child pornography on the 4th of May 2005 with intent to distribute.




You are intitled to your own counsel or counsel provided by the state.




Chief superintendent,

Patrick Burke

Director of public prosecutions. 







He dropped  the letter, reached in the back of the wardrobe and felt around for the shotgun.

He opened it up, placed a cartridge in both chambers and snapped it shut.

He sat down on the edge of the bed. He positioned himself infront of the sliding mirrior, opened out his legs and placed the shotgun between them.

Grabbing the gun in his left hand he filled his mouth with both barrells.

With his right hand he took his right shoe off.


He placed his right toe carefully on the trigger.....






And squeezed.....

The End

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