Hansel and Gretel Part 2: The Selfish Widower

This is a sequal I have written to the famous children's story "Hansel and Gretel." I used the same type of morals that kids should learn but kind of put my own spin on it.

The last time we saw dear Hansel and Gretel, they were emptying their pockets of jewels and treasures jubilantly onto the table in the poor shack. Their father was nothing short of amazed and excited, for he had just lost his evil wife, but soon after the pain was cured by riches. Hansel and Gretel thought that they had done just a simple act of a good deed, and that their father was jumping for joy solely for their return home. After all, they did hear him arguing with the selfish evil woman that wanted them dead. What Hansel and Gretel didn’t take into consideration was that their “loving” father finally agreed to the woman’s plan, not once, but twice, and actually went through with the wrong doings. After a long night of counting their riches, the family began to get hungry, so the father grabbed a small handful of the jewels and rushed out the door leaving the children confused.

The children waited and waited eager for their father’s return, sorting their jewels to distract their rumbling stomachs. Finally, they heard their father running up the stone path shouting for joy and bursting through the wooden door. There the children saw their father standing before them with an armful of food. He had warm loaves of bread sticking out from his pockets, in one arm he held onto a crispy golden turkey, in the other he held a sack of potatoes and tightly tucked in the front of his pants was a bottle of wine. The children stared blankly at their father with a twinkle in their eyes and their mouths beginning to savor, for they had not eaten well in days. As Hansel kept drooling, Gretel spoke up, “Father, how did you get such a feast. Our country is in such great famine. That meal could feed well more than one family.” Her father slowly set down the food item by item next to the jewels and looked his daughter straight in the eye. With a stern and serious tone he said, “Dear Gretel, didn’t you know? Wealth gets you everything and anything you need.

Now quickly grab these potatoes and start to prepare them like an obedient female should be.” Tears shot down Gretel’s face as she promptly began peeling and slicing the potatoes, for this is not the father she had known all her life. This confused Hansel, but he has always been too afraid to ever say anything. “You will call us when supper is prepared Gretel, me and Hansel are going out into the woods for awhile,” said their father. Hansel quickly jumped to his feet and fumbled putting his shoes on, excited to get to spend time with his father. As they started walking, Hansel walked behind his father at a steady pace and began to wonder to himself. “Is he going to kill me this time? Is this another set up? Should I be leaving some sort of trail to find my way home?” His father began to laugh, distracting Hansel’s wicked thoughts. “Don’t look so glum boy; don’t you want to have some man to man time with your father?” Hansel only smiled and jogged to catch up to his father’s quick walking pace. His father found a small creek and broke two branches off the nearest tree; both branches were long and thin.

“I bought a few other things while I was out Hansel, just for us.” Hansel’s stomach tied itself into a knot in fear of what he was about to pull out of his pocket. His father pulled some string and hooks out of his pocket and fastened them to the branches, handing Hansel his own and tossing his line into the creek. Relief came over Hansel and he proceeded to follow his father’s actions. “You know Hansel, you are a good boy. You are intelligent, quick, and loyal. From now on you are going to be treated in such a way. Don’t let your sister take your spot light from you because she is just a female, and her work and opinions belong in the kitchen.”

 Hansel was shocked by what his father had said. He had always shown more love for Gretel, but maybe he was right. Maybe it was time for Hansel to be recognized. His father gave him a soft pat on the back and as they heard Gretel shouting, they wrapped the string around the branches and set off for home. As they entered the home, a rich smell hit their noses and they both paused while their stomachs grumbled and they enjoyed the smell. Gretel sat for supper, and her father looked at her sternly. “You don’t eat until we are finished. You get what we don’t want young lady. Please go clean the barn.” Gretel’s jaw dropped and Hansel looked down. She looked at Hansel and he stuttered a little saying “Do as you’re told sister.” Out to the barn she went, she bailed hay, swept up the remains of it, cleaned out the filthy horse stalls and began to hose off the outside of the barn.

Gretel looked at the shack, seeing her father and brother eating their feast that she sweated to prepare, laughing and shoving their faces, without regard for her at all. Upon finishing the outside of the barn, her father screamed for her to come inside. She ran inside with her shoes trailing mud, and water dripping from her clothing and her hair a mess. She filled the house with a new odor of dung and dirt. Her father gagged and scolded her, “How dare you drag that filth into this house. Look at you. Have you no respect for yourself? Now go clean up and dress as a lady, clean up this mess, then you may eat, but for now I must leave this awful stench. Hansel you are in charge while I am gone.” Gretel dropped to her knees sobbing as her father grabbed his hat and fled the house. Gretel looked up at her brother with tears confused as to why he hasn’t stuck up for her, after saving his life. Hansel, about to pick his sister up off the floor, remembered what his father had told him. “Get up and do as you are told.

This is not play time!” Hansel yelled. Gretel saw a look on Hansel’s face that she had never seen before. Frightened, she rose off the ground and scurried off to the washroom to bathe. She came out to find that Hansel had not done any of the work for her, but was taking a nap. At this point, she lost all hope in ever seeing the brother that she used to know ever again. Hours passed by, and Gretel finished cleaning up the house, and finally began to eat the meal that she prepared, and was now ice cold. She quickly shoveled the food into her mouth, her eyes watching the door and watching Hansel hoping that she wouldn’t be interrupted. As she ate her last bite, she heard feet on the pebbles outside, but it was more than one set of feet. Loud cackling and giggling woke Hansel up and he looked to Gretel, “What are you doing you lazy female? Quickly clean up your mess, I want this kitchen spotless.”

Gretel sighed softly and did as she was told; she began washing the dishes as their father burst through the door with a new female figure. He looked over at Hansel lying down and said to the female, “This is my intelligent and kind hearted son Hansel. Hansel this is Fiona.”

Hansel rose to his feet and nodded politely to Fiona. “Gretel” the father said. Just as he spoke her name, his voice alone made her drop the dish she was washing and shatter it. “You stupid girl, a simple task you cannot hold onto a dish? Clean it up now!” Just as he finished speaking, Gretel was shaking and Fiona backed away from him and said “Charlie! Why do you not treat your children in the same manner, and it should not be in the way you treated your daughter just now. What is wrong with you?” The children’s jaws dropped instantly, for they had never heard their father’s name spoken before. “I have all these riches and jewels. I can say what I want and get what I want now, isn’t that true?” Charlie claimed. Fiona calmed herself down quickly trying not to over react in front of the sweet children.

 “Charlie, how did you acquire these riches if I may ask?” Charlie sat down with Fiona and told her the story of his evil deceased wife, as Hansel helped Gretel clean up. He gave his sister a hug and apologized to her. “I got lost in father’s attention sister, and for that I apologize. You saved my life and I am grateful. I should have defended your honor, and protected you as a big brother is supposed to.” Gretel jumped onto her brother and squeezed him tighter than she would squeeze her teddy bear. Charlie rose out of his chair and called his children over to the table to be seated with Fiona. “First of all, I want to apologize to Gretel. I am sorry for treating you in such a harsh manner. You are just as important to me as Hansel, and I lost my sense of right and wrong for a little while.” Gretel began to cry again and clung to her father’s leg. “I’m not done. Sit down please.”

 Gretel returned to her seat wiping away her stream of tears. “Hansel, I didn’t lie when I said how intelligent and wonderful you are, and I do think I need to spend time with you, but women are just as equal as men, and should be treated with the same respect. Please remember this good son.” Hansel looked down and said, “Thank you father for your wise and kind words. I will forever remember this.” He stopped Hansel mid sentence and said, “I am not done…” he continued, “I should have never agreed with your mother to leave you lost in the woods. This is my fault. You are my children, and I love you dearly and never want to see you hurt.” Fiona also burst into tears along with the children as soon as he was finished speaking. “Fiona I greatly thank you, for you have opened my eyes to reality and showed me that all the riches in the world, don’t make you happy, and give you no greater power than you have now.” Fiona jumped out of her seat and into Charlie’s arms. They were to wed. Charlie used the riches his children had received and moved them into a nicer home, with a kitchen stocked of food, and closets full of clothes. They lived happily ever after, with good morals.

The End

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