Scene Ten

the forest
ENSEMBLE are in their randomly dotted tree positions, like Scene Two, except they are all SR. DUCK is CS in a 'river'. HANSEL and GRETEL enter SR.

NARR. 1: In the woods
NARR. 2: Still.
NARR. 1: Hansel and Gretel were running home from the evil old witch's house, where, on a search for food, they had found a huge chest full of gold and silver and jewels.
NARR. 2: Conveniently.
NARR. 1: But, because they didn't have their breadcrumb trail, they were still very lost.
NARR. 2: Eventually, they came to a river.


GRETEL: Oh look, a duck.
HANSEL: I wonder if he knows the way home?

NARR. 1: And so they asked the duck to take them home.
HANSEL: Please, Mr Duck, could you take us home?

DUCK quacks.

GRETEL: I think that means yes...
NARR. 2: And so they climbed on the duck's back.

HANSEL and GRETEL stand behind DUCK, and they start walking SL. As they do so, the trees SR shuffle offstage and FATHER shuffles on SL.

NARR. 1: Luckily, the duck knew the way home-
NARR. 2: And so Hansel and Gretel were home in no time.

DUCK exits SR.

FATHER: My children!

They run CS and embrace.

HANSEL: Where's our stepmother?
FATHER: Oh, I dealt with her.
GRETEL: Father, look what we found!

They show him the jewels.

FATHER: Incredible!
NARR. 1: And so they lived happily ever after, too.
NARR. 2: I think everyone does. Except maybe the duck.
NARR. 1: Yeah, I don't know what happened to him...

Exeunt omnes.

The End

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