Scene Six

Grandma's house
ENSEMBLE stand in the same positions as Scene One. GRANDMA is sitting CS facing the audience.

NARR. 1: In another part of the forest, Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother was eagerly awaiting a visit from her granddaughter. 
NARR. 2: Who was even later now because she'd forgotten which way to go and managed to be directed the wrong way by a passing wolf.
GRANDMA: Where can that girl have got to?
NARR. 1: But then the wolf, having taken a short cut, arrived at Grandma's house...

WOLF enters SR.

GRANDMA: Red? Red, is that you?
NARR. 1: (aside) She was very shortsighted.
WOLF: (in a squeaky voice) Oh, hello, Grandma. I've got some food for you here in my basket.
GRANDMA: Oh, thank you my dear.

WOLF comes around the side of GRANDMA, who recognises him.

GRANDMA: Why, you're not Red Riding Hood at all - you're a dirty great wolf! What are you doing in my house?
WOLF: I'm here to eat you, Grandma.
NARR. 2: He did.

WOLF eats GRANDMA: ENSEMBLE rushes inwards to create a tight circle around WOLF and GRANDMA. GRANDMA screams, WOLF makes general eating noises (these could possibly be sound effects).

NARR. 2: And so that was the end of Grandma.

The End

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