Scene Five

the forest & the outside of the witch's house
ENSEMBLE move back to their randomly dotted tree positions (like Scene Three). HANSEL and GRETEL enter SR. They slowly walk SL as the NARR.s talk. The trees behind them 'shuffle' SR as they do so.

NARR. 1: In another part of the forest, Hansel and Gretel were wandering around aimlessly, hoping to find their home.
NARR. 2: Because, if you remember, all their breadcrumbs had been eaten by someone in a red hood... Naming no names, of course.
NARR. 1: Well. Yes. Anyway. There they were, walking along. 
NARR. 2: When they came across a little house in a clearing.

HANSEL and GRETEL stop SL. ENSEMBLE stop shuffling and quickly make a house shape.

NARR. 1: Made entirely of gingerbread and sweeties.
GRETEL: Hansel, look!
NARR. 2: They were so hungry that they began to eat it.
HANSEL: Come on, let's eat!

They begin to eat the house. As they do so, the people being 'eaten' slouch slightly.

NARR. 2: But they hadn't taken into account the owner of the house.

WITCH enters through the house suddenly.

WITCH: Who's been eating my house?! No, wait...
GRETEL: I'm so sorry!
HANSEL: We had no idea...
GRETEL: I mean, we...
HANSEL: We were so hungry-
GRETEL: We haven't eaten for ages, you see...
WITCH: Oh, my poor dears! Of course you must have something to eat - look how skinny you are!
NARR. 1: The children couldn't believe their luck.
NARR. 2: Of course, it wasn't really luck.
NARR. 1: On account of the fact that this seemingly kindly old woman-
NARR. 2: Was in fact a witch.
NARR. 1: And an evil one to boot.
NARR. 2: Aren't they all?
NARR. 1: Good point.

The End

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