Scene Three

the forest
Nothing changes from the previous scene. Enter MOTHER, FATHER, HANSEL and GRETEL SR.

MOTHER: Come on, you lot, we're just off for a nice family walk in the forest. Aren't we?

Digs FATHER in the ribs.

FATHER: (unconvincingly) Oh yes, a lovely little family walk, all together, all very nice, very nice indeed...
MOTHER: (aside) Honestly.
NARR. 1: So here they are, strolling through the forest. And Hansel - did you get an idea last night?
HANSEL: Umm... Not really... No...
GRETEL: (aside) Honestly.
MOTHER: (handing some bread to HANSEL) Here, eat something, my lovely little boy.

NARR. 1 motions to HANSEL to drop some breadcrumbs. HANSEL doesn't get it. NARR. 1 creeps up to HANSEL.

NARR. 1: (stage whisper) Drop some breadcrumbs! Then you'll be able to follow them when they leave you alone in the forest.
HANSEL: (stage whisper) Good idea.

NARR. 1 returns DSR. HANSEL starts dropping breadcrumbs. Enter RED RIDING HOOD SR. She sees the breadcrumbs and begins to pick them up and eat them. Neither HANSEL nor GRETEL notices.

NARR. 1: Eventually, they reached the very heart of the forest, and it began to get dark.

They stop CS. Exit RED RIDING HOOD SL.

MOTHER: You two stay here, my lovelies, while your father and I go and find some firewood. Okay? (to FATHER, in a stagewhisper) Come on, come on! (chivvies him offstage SL)
NARR. 1: So off they went, telling the children they'd be back soon.
MOTHER: (from offstage) Back soon!
NARR. 2: But it was a lie!
NARR. 1: And so Hansel and Gretel were left all alone in the forest. 
NARR. 2: Because it was beginning to get dark, Hansel told his sister that they'd better wait out the night, so they could see the breadcrumbs in the morning.
HANSEL: We'd better wait out the night, so we can see the breadcrumbs in the morning. 'Kay?

HANSEL and GRETEL sleep.

NARR. 1: But in the morning, when they awoke...

HANSEL and GRETEL wake up and start looking around for the breadcrumbs.

NARR. 2: They couldn't find the breadcrumbs anywhere!
GRETEL: Where have they gone? You told me you had a plan!
HANSEL: Don't blame me, it was his idea! (points at NARR. 1)
NARR. 1: Hey, don't go passing the blame around - I only gave you the idea because you couldn't come up with one on your own!
NARR. 2: Okay, break it up! Let's not argue with the characters, okay? The bottom line is, the crumbs are gone. They've been eaten by a terrible... BEAST.

On 'beast', RED RIDING HOOD skips from SL to SR.

NARR. 2: In a red coat.
NARR. 1: Talking of beasts in red coats...

The End

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