Scene Two

the wood
ENSEMBLE move so they are dotted around the stage in tree positions. RED RIDING HOOD enters SL.

NARR. 1: Eight hours later.
HANSEL: (from offstage) Hey, wait! No fair! That so wasn't eight hours!
NARR. 2: Well, we got bored of waiting.
NARR. 1: The next morning, a little girl was walking through the forest.
NARR. 2: Her name was Little Red Riding Hood.
NARR. 1: You may think you know her story.
NARR. 2: You don't.
NARR. 1: And if you did, you probably wouldn't need us, would you?  So it's comforting to us to know that you don't.
NARR. 2: Yeah.
NARR. 1: Anyway. Little Red Riding Hood lived in a cottage with her mother. And every day, she would pack a basket full of lovely food and go through the woods to visit her grandmother, who was in bed and an invalid.
NARR. 2: And lazy. But not many people like to mention that bit.
NARR. 1: Yeah. That too. So Red Riding Hood went off to visit her grandmother, with a basket full of food - cakes and biscuits and little jellies and ice cream and apples and olives and-
NARR. 2: (Red Riding Hood's mother evidently wasn't experiencing quite the same financial crisis that had hit the Hansel and Gretel household.)
NARR. 1: Okay. So Red Riding Hood's off through the forest, yippee, let's go back and see how Hansel and Gretel are fairing. Agreed?
NARR. 2: All this juggling is starting to confuse me...


The End

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