Hanna's Dream

A dream of a girl named Hanna.

“Hanna, can you pass the potatoes please?”

“Sure thing Mom!” said Hanna, passing the potatoes to the other side of the table.

“Thank you Hanna.” said Mrs. Gabrielle Smith. Mr. John Smith called across the table to Chad, Hanna’s older brother.

      “How late are you going to be out with your friends?”

“9:00 at the most,” said Chad. “We’re going bowling.” Mr. Smith smiled and put some peas on his plate, saying

“Try to be back at 8:00 Chad.”

“I’ll try,” answered Chad.

“I’m going to bed early,” said Hanna. “I have to write a short story for school, it’s due tomorrow.”

“Okay,” said Mrs. Smith. “But first we have to wash the dishes.”

          Minutes later, Hanna was seated at her desk, trying to think of what to write. Should she write about people or animals? Will her story be fictional or based on a true story? Hanna yawned loudly, thinking of her gym lesson that day. They had a new gym teacher, who believed in the saying “Workout until you pass out!” Hanna had done 100 push – ups in gym with the rest of her class, and Hanna is still really tired. Still thinking about what to do for her story, her eyelids slowly drooped down, and soon Hanna fell asleep.

The End

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